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Optimatum Group LLC specializes in helping clients optimize health plan costs without shifting costs

November 19, 2009 10:16 ET

Optimatum Group Releases Executives' Roadmap Describing Successful Cost Cutting Strategies to Reduce Health Care Costs Without Impacting Employees

Key Areas Include Reducing Inefficiencies Holding Vendors Accountable

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 19, 2009) - A new whitepaper, "Managing Health Care Costs With Accountability," published by Optimatum Group LLC, indicates the opportunity for employers to reduce health cost expenditure without shifting costs to employees by holding their vendors accountable.

As growth in revenue staggers in this economy, employers continue to look for new and innovate ways to control their costs. Many are considering or have implemented reductions in employee benefits. The whitepaper points out that, before employers take action to cut benefits, they should first take a step back and examine all the inefficiencies or "leakages" in their current plan and hold their vendors accountable.

Many companies are not aware of such leakages in their health plan. Areas to explore and evaluate includes Pharmacy Benefits Management, Third Party Liability, Medical Management, and Plan Housekeeping. Employers can easily save 10 to 12% in the first year and an additional 5 to 7% year after year by implementing the Optimatum Solution and actively managing their vendors.

"Regardless of where employers are in their annual benefits cycle, the opportunity to save in excess of $1,000 per employee per year persists," says David Neikrug Chief Executive Officer of Optimatum Group LLC. "Plugging the leakage can start today since it does not impact plan design or employees. This white paper details key areas which executives should focus on."

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Optimatum Group LLC specializes in helping clients optimize health plan costs without shifting costs to employees or cutting benefits. We work with senior executives to deliver hard-dollar cost savings quickly and maintain savings year after year.

We provide independent, vendor-neutral expertise in pharmacy, medicine, nursing, actuarial science and plan management. By uncovering and eliminating unnecessary expenses and engaging in active, ongoing plan management, our services lead to healthier balance sheets and P&L statements.