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April 19, 2010 13:15 ET

Oracle Introduces Java Virtualization Solution for Oracle® WebLogic Suite

Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option Enable Increased Server Utilization, Performance, Standardization and Operational Efficiency; Strengthens Application Grid Portfolio

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) - Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL)

News Facts

  • Oracle today announced Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option to help make running Java applications in a virtualized environment easy and practical. 
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder is a new product designed to help organizations quickly and easily deploy multi-tier enterprise applications in virtualized environments. It also enables administrators to quickly configure and provision these applications.
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder provides a framework for automatically capturing the configuration of existing software components and packaging them as self-contained building blocks known as appliances.
  • In addition, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder enables administrators to easily connect appliances as pluggable building blocks, known as assemblies, which can be used to create multi-tier applications.
  • Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option brings together Oracle WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual Edition in a new release of the world's #1 application server. This release is optimized for virtualized environments and able to deliver higher application performance and increased hardware utilization.
  • Oracle WebLogic Server can now run directly on Oracle VM without an operating system, a unique capability enabled by Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition.
  • Oracle VM server virtualization helps make enterprise software easier to deploy and manage, and is highly optimized to run business-critical database and application workloads efficiently and cost-effectively. The only x86 server virtualization certified for all Oracle software, Oracle VM is available as a free download.
  • In a virtualized environment, Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition handles essential operating system functions including TCP/IP, hardware device interaction, file I/O, and process scheduling, while freeing up hardware and management resources by removing operating system capabilities that are not essential for enterprise Java applications.
  • Together with Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder can drive deployment and runtime efficiencies. This combination can deliver significant value through both operational and capital cost savings.

Operational Efficiency and Agility

  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder enables the creation and configuration of multi-tier applications and provisions them onto virtualized resources.
    • Application-Aware Physical to Virtual: Captures the configuration of each software component in an existing application environment and packages them into a collection of customized software appliances.
    • Standardized Building Blocks: Creates multi-tier application assemblies using virtualized appliances.
    • Simplified and Rapid Provisioning: Single-step, template-based deployment of multi-tier applications to virtualized environments. 

Higher Density and Performance for Virtualized Environments

  • Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition enhances the performance and functionality of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g in virtualized environments. This enables organizations to maximize server virtualization investments through:
    • Improved Server Density: By eliminating the operating system, Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition frees up system resources to run more application server instances on the same hardware.
    • Higher Performance: Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition can increase the performance of virtualized Java applications by up to 30 percent compared to deployments that include an operating system.

Supporting Quotes

  • "With these groundbreaking products, Oracle has made virtualization a reality for Java enterprise applications. Moreover, we are the only vendor to empower customers with this kind of comprehensive solution," said Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of product development, Oracle. "With Oracle WebLogic Server running on JRockit Virtual Edition, we have eliminated the trade-off of server density and performance by bringing the world's #1 application server to virtualized environments."
  • "Enterprise applications are often a composite of many different entities distributed across different machines," said Adam Messinger, vice president of development, Oracle. "To simplify and speed virtualized deployments, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder can take a snapshot of distributed applications and package them into an assembly that can be easily reused. This helps organizations quickly scale and also reduces potential deployment risk by enabling administrators to leverage and re-deploy proven configurations."
  • "We have tested Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition in the context of the CERN openlab partnership, and we have found impressive benefits for our organization. This solution significantly simplifies the maintenance of our middleware solutions and provides cost-effective scalability on demand as it runs without a guest operating system. Overall, Oracle WebLogic Server on JRockit Virtual Edition enables us to respond faster to our users' demands," Carlos Garcia Fernandez, CERN Database Group and CERN openlab. 
  • "We've been a WebLogic Server and Oracle VM customer for many years. The Oracle WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option, and its use of Oracle VM server virtualization, can give us the performance and reliability that we need to run our business applications, while speeding our deployment times. It can also provide the scalability we need to grow with our business and is based on open standards to help us maintain the flexibility we desire," said Michael Poole, Chief Technology Officer, University of Massachusetts System.

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