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October 16, 2007 14:00 ET

Organizations Target Content Security as Way to Enable Collaboration -- But Suffer From Dated Methods

SILVER SPRING, MD--(Marketwire - October 16, 2007) - AIIM - The Enterprise Content Management Association announces the release of its new Market IQ study "Content Security: At the Fulcrum of Innovation and Risk." The study of 600 end users, performed by the new AIIM Market Intelligence division, and sponsored by Certeon, EMC, Liquid Machines, Surety and Xerox Global Services, found that a majority of organizations have either begun or are in the throes of establishing a content security strategy, but that vision suffers from lack of awareness and outdated perspectives.

"The securing of online content is clearly on the minds of virtually every organization," states AIIM Vice President Carl Frappaolo. "65% of the 600 companies surveyed were involved to one degree or another with a content management strategy deployment. But this study also found that the design and deployment of these systems suffers greatly from a lack of education, vision and awareness of the state-of-the-art."

According to Frappaolo, "The good news is organizations position content security not just as a way to lock-down content, but to enable secure, low risk collaboration. 49% of the organizations surveyed indicated that their approach to security is a blend between."

    Question: Is the content security strategy of your organization
    driven more by a desire to lock down content or to enable
    secure collaboration?
           Exclusively to lock down content - 7%
           Predominately to lock down content - 26%
           It is a balanced approach - 49%
           Predominately to enable secure collaboration - 14%
           Exclusively to enable secure collaboration - 3%

"The bad news," continues Frappaolo, "is that most organizations are still unfamiliar with leading edge deployment strategies and technologies that enable such a deployment. They are mired in IT-driven strategies, as opposed business-driven strategies, and limit their deployments to traditional technology approaches."

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Survey findings will be discussed in a special AIIM webinar on Thursday, November 1 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time hosted by the authors of the report. Registration is free at

Key Findings:

--  When asked to identify the departments whose content is targeted for
    an enterprise content security strategy, 69% indicated all departments.
    This is an enterprise-wide issue.
--  The majority (69%) of respondents stated that their respective
    organization does not have a clear appreciation for the potential risk
    unsecured content represents.
--  37% of surveyed organizations still rely on firewall level security,
    another 21% rely on manual approaches to monitoring inappropriate access to
--  43% indicated that they simply do not know if enterprise content has
    been inappropriately used/shared in the last 2 years.

There is a high level of ignorance concerning the degree to which content is vulnerable and the resulting damage that can occur should it be handled inappropriately. The state of the content security market is best summarized through analysis of the responses received to the question, "Is content security included in your corporate governance model?" The greatest single response, (41%) was, "No, we do not have a corporate governance model." This is indicative of the great need for education and raising the level of awareness with regards to content security in today's market.

According to Dan Keldsen, report co-author and AIIM Market Intelligence Director, "Many component technologies are available today with which to construct sophisticated, flexible and powerful enterprise content security models. Unfortunately, most organizations are only leveraging traditional tools such as records management, document management and user authentication. This is predominantly due to a lack of awareness of complementary technologies such as digital rights management and trusted timestamps. Until these technologies are embraced, organizations will find their electronic content is not beyond repudiation in a court of law, and are limited to very simple business models."

About the Survey

This AIIM Market IQ was conducted during September 2007, and was administered through an online survey instrument, A total of 600 end users participated in the survey.

Nearly one third of the participants in the survey (38%) were from large organizations (more than 1,000 employees). Mid-sized organizations (defined as those with between 100 and 1,000 employees) comprised 20% of the survey participants, the remaining 42% from small (defined as less than 100 employees) organizations. 86% of the respondents were from the U.S. The remainder of the survey group was evenly distributed across Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

There was a wide distribution in vertical industries represented by the survey participants, with the largest participation from legal (18%); followed closely by healthcare (15%), professional services (8%); government (8%); financial, (5%); and manufacturing (5%).

In terms of the job functions of the participants, there was near even distribution across line of business managers, records managers, IT (non-management), CxOs and executives (not CxOs).

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