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December 11, 2007 15:35 ET

Overworked and Overwhelmed Minds Can Smarten Up in Just 10 Minutes With Chewable Energy Squares

New MindSync Smart Chews Recharge Your Brain to Enhance Your Focus, While Boosting Your Performance and Mood Naturally; YouTube-Styled Website Showcases What a MindSync-ed Brain Can Do

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 11, 2007) - The nation's most stressed-out and tired brains are on the verge of having a mind-expanding experience -- in an all-natural, completely legitimate way. A new company, MindSync Sciences, has developed an all-natural and great-tasting energy chew that will help your overtaxed mind to stop sinking amid information overload, long hours and the daily stress we all face.

All you have to do is to chew just one energizing MindSync Smart Chews ( Ten minutes later, feel the effect of a potent blend of FDA-approved, all-natural botanical brain boosters, thoroughly researched and tested for the ability to enhance focus, mental clarity, and concentration. The ingredients in each Smart Chew energy square combine the best of modern science with key learnings from thousands of years of Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine.

Deemed safe for distribution by the FDA, the Smart Chews' key ingredient, Vinpocetine, has been shown to improve learning and recall, and increase mental acuity and alertness. Another ingredient, Essentra® Ashwagandha, strengthens mental cognition and memory by helping to maintain healthy levels of acetylcholine, the chemical that allows neurons to communicate with each other. It also provides relief from stress by lowering serum cortisol, commonly known as the "stress hormone."

Over 60 clinical trials have established that this safe and effective therapeutic agent, Essentra Ashwagandha, can rejuvenate brain cell membranes and thereby strengthen memory, boost learning, increase mental acuity, intensify concentration and improve mood. It's a key building block for the billions of cells that make up your brain.

"While there's plenty of strong science supporting our Smart Chews, what's most important is how they help your mind to perform at its maximum capacity," said Eric Leaver, president of MindSync Sciences. "Unlike other mind boosters like pharmaceutical products and energy drinks, MindSync Smart Chews are completely natural, complementing what's already occurring in your brain."

MindSync Smart Chews are available in three great-tasting flavors: espresso, caffe latte and caramel apple. Taking the espresso variety is akin to having your own personal barista in your pocket, giving you the full and intense flavor reminiscent of espresso coffee. The caffe latte variety also offers a strong coffee taste, but marries it with the soothing essence of steamed milk foam. Finally, caramel apple is a departure from the other varieties for people who prefer a Smart Chew energy square that doesn't taste like coffee and takes your taste buds on a sweet, soothing mini-vacation.

To help educate people on the benefits of a daily Smart Chews regimen, MindSync recently launched a unique, YouTube-style social networking website, Dedicated to all Smart Chews can help you accomplish, visitors can post stories, videos, and pictures that convey the essence of a Smart Chews world. Postings in the site's Fun Stuff section, show both sides of brain activity, those memorable Smart Chews magical moments, as well as examples of individuals who could've benefitted from a Smart Chew before doing something "not so smart." Because Smart Chews stimulate the brain, MindSync wants to encourage creative postings. On-site voting will determine monthly prize winners for the best postings. Ideally, we'll all see just how Smart we can be!!

"Just think of all of the celebrities who could have used our Smart Chews within the past year or two," said Leaver. "They might have been able to focus more on what they were doing and saying, rather than becoming constant fodder for tabloid journalists. Maybe one of the first people we'll send the chews to will be the people running for President before their next debate. At the very least, we could help to make the debates more interesting and focused."

Available for just $4.99 for each 10-piece pack, all three varieties of MindSync Smart Chews can be ordered online at Free shipping is available for orders of three boxes or more. As you're ordering your Smart Chews, you can also read more about how these great new brain boosters can help change your life, or at least make your next afternoon at work more productive.

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