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October 21, 2009 16:27 ET

Owe Taxes to the IRS? Launches Tax Relief Service to Help Taxpayers

New Tax Relief Service Offers Help and Mediation With High Success Rates to Consumers Who Find Themselves Burdened With Owing Back Taxes to the IRS

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - October 21, 2009) - Can a person be expected to live on half of their paycheck? What would be the consequences? How would rent or mortgage be paid? How would food be put on the table? Unfortunately, if the Internal Revenue Service comes after a person for back taxes owed and they have no representation or professional tax support, this is exactly the situation they could be facing -- half of their wages garnished, taken directly from their paycheck.

Tax Debt

They say you can't fight city hall, but the truth is that the IRS can be negotiated with. Tax debt professionals can absolutely negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service on a taxpayer's behalf and reach a compromise that is quite often a pennies on the dollar settlement.

To taxpayers who find themselves in a position where they owe back taxes and the Internal Revenue Service comes calling -- this can be a sobering wakeup call indeed. The stress, emotional & mental fatigue and sleepless nights that this predicament can cause can be overwhelming. But there is help available.

Tax Debt Relief

The Internal Revenue Service's collection activity can be stopped. A professional tax debt firm that is both trained and up to date on the latest changes in tax law can help taxpayers get the tax debt relief they both need and deserve, including:

-- Eliminating Penalties & Interest Charges

-- Ending Wage Garnishment

-- Removing Tax Liens

There is no shame in finding oneself in the situation of owing back taxes. Life happens. A tax debt situation can be negotiated to reach the best possible outcome for all parties involved. The savings incurred can be in the thousands of dollars, and the peace of mind obtained can be priceless.

Each tax debt situation is unique. A taxpayer's tax debt situation can be reviewed by the best professionals in the industry who can then formulate a plan for getting the best possible and equitable solution. Tax debt relief can indeed be obtained today.

Total Tax Relief offers taxpayers a free tax debt evaluation which they can take advantage of at the company's website:

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