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June 24, 2010 09:05 ET

Oxygen Cloud Emerges as Cloud Storage Broker, Delivers Native Desktop Collaboration for Business End Users

NEWARK, CA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) - New enterprise collaboration player and cloud storage broker Oxygen Cloud today announced the debut of its secure virtual file system platform, featuring native desktop collaboration and cloud storage for business users, which it is demoing at the Structure Conference in San Francisco. Oxygen Cloud technology connects all the people, data and devices within a business organization to a single, centralized file system, offering end users the ability to easily access, edit, store, and share files as if they were local -- even from mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. The company, a subsidiary of LeapFILE -- the self-funded and profitable provider of secure file transfer to the Fortune 500 and companies of every size -- is poised to disrupt the enterprise 2.0 and cloud storage markets, advancing two distinctive technologies:

Native Desktop Collaboration
Oxygen Cloud challenges the currently dominant web-based collaboration model, allowing users to instead work on shared files using native applications and make real-time activity stream updates -- without ever having to leave their desktops. The solution eliminates the need for users to log into a web portal to download or upload files and encourages adoption by providing a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface that works within their daily workflow and the native applications they already use.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Broker
Oxygen Cloud also provides direct desktop access to data stored in the cloud, allowing companies to securely centralize their data, while still ensuring file access by authorized users from any device, in any location. Oxygen Clouds complements its desktop file and collaboration capabilities with a secure hybrid cloud storage system comprised of public and private cloud storage options, to meet the changing needs of businesses of any size:

  • Multiple Public Clouds: Oxygen Cloud connects businesses to any public cloud service provider, including Amazon Web Services, Iron Mountain, Rackspace and others, to allow businesses to create their own unique storage cloud, comprised of as many -- or as few -- storage points that they require.
  • Do-it-Yourself Private Cloud: Through its recent partnership with Data Robotics, announced separately today, Oxygen Cloud also enables the creation of private clouds to allow users to remove the issue of Internet latency for typical workday usage cases.

Oxygen Cloud believes that its model can make vast quantities of right quality (cost versus performance) cloud storage available to general users and realign the cloud storage model for explosive growth; the position is already receiving early validation from analysts. For example, in a recent blog post from Gartner's Benoit L'Heureux, titled Cloud Services Brokerage: Its Time to Move Beyond Integration as a Service, he notes: "Oxygen Cloud... aggregates and adds value to various cloud storage capabilities. Types of value include integration, aggregation, governance, enrichment, and any function that can be provided by a third party to ensure good service performance."

"There has been an obvious gap emerging in the collaboration and data management space that we knew we could fill. We started by looking at what end users want in terms of functionality and usability, and what IT managers need in terms of security and scalability," said Oxygen Cloud founder and CEO Peter Chang. "The result is a solution that meets the unique needs of both the business and the user, and ultimately answers the question 'what's next for cloud adoption?' in the business world."

Oxygen Cloud's public beta will be available for download later this summer. To be notified when the beta becomes available, please sign up at:

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Oxygen Cloud connects all people, data and devices to a single file system. The company is delivering native desktop collaboration and cloud storage brokering to business end users. For more information, visit

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