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August 28, 2006 08:00 ET Secures Its All-In-One Messaging Portal With BioPassword Internet Edition

First Ever All-In-One Web Communication Verifies Online User Identities With Multifactor Authentication Based on BioPassword's Keystroke Dynamics

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 28, 2006 -- BioPassword, Inc., the only software company providing secure authentication and anti-fraud solutions based on the behavioral biometric of keystroke dynamics, and Oyco, the first comprehensive web communications toolkit, today announced that Oyco is using BioPassword Internet Edition two-factor authentication solution to validate the identities of its customers by the rhythm of their typing.

"Whether we're helping hurricane Katrina victims or providing supplies to the Sudan, immediate communication is critical to our international aid operations; however, with passwords being stolen and laptops confiscated, secure communication is of utmost concern," said William Blaney, CEO of the Global Aid Network. "Oyco's communication tools along with BioPassword's authentication offer the perfect combination of convenience and security. Now, employees can log-on from any computer and know that their identity is protected."

As the only web-based application with seven different forms of communication including email, blog space, VOIP, video conference, instant messaging, text messaging and a personal website, Oyco enables its users to communicate from any computer that is connected to the Internet. To ensure its breadth of communication tools cannot become a vehicle for identity theft, Oyco researched the best authentication options. After evaluating other authentication technologies that required cumbersome tokens or remembering elaborate credentials, Oyco selected BioPassword as the most secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

"Security is of critical importance to our customers, but so is being able to quickly log-on and use our services," said Oyco CEO Paul Cross. "We selected BioPassword's unique approach because it was easy to integrate with our applications while providing the highest level of secure authentication over the Internet, without requiring our customers to change their log-on process. Customers simply type in their user name and password and we have the confidence that they truly are who they say there are."

As the only software-based, biometric solution deployable over the Internet, BioPassword Internet Edition monitors and enforces web-based application authentication to prevent fraudulent logins and transactions without requiring any hardware or change in user behavior. Using the biometric science of keystroke dynamics, BioPassword's two-factor authentication identifies a user by how they type their userID and password and secures web applications from social engineering attacks like phishing and pharming, keystroke logging, brute force attacks and simple password vulnerabilities.

"Oyco leads the industry bringing the next generation of Internet communication tools to consumers. Selecting Biopassword's two-factor authentication solution enables Oyco's vision of connecting consumers with trust and confidence," said BioPassword VP of security and product strategy Jared Pfost. "Easy to integrate and quickly deployable over the Internet, BioPassword Internet Edition is increasingly being adopted by web application, ecommerce and digital rights management companies that require strong authentication without impacting consumer behavior."

About Oyco

Oyco Systems Inc. is a privately held company with offices in Abbotsford and Vancouver, British Columbia, and London, England. The company is lead by Paul Cross, a 10-year veteran of wireless telecommunications. Oyco Systems Inc. offers true convergence and simplifies the way people communicate using the web. Oyco's customers include universities across the world, missionaries, international students, and the Global Aid Network, among others.

About BioPassword

BioPassword, Inc. (, located in Issaquah, Washington, leads the market in delivering enterprise security software solutions for multifactor authentication and reducing fraud using the biometric science of keystroke dynamics. By creating a biometric template from user logon credentials in combination with a high-performance behavioral biometric processing engine, the device-independent authentication software is fast, accurate, transparent, scalable to millions of users and immediately deployable across the organization and the Internet without the need for expensive tokens, cards or other specialized hardware. Using BioPassword to monitor and authenticate users, organizations can quickly and cost-effectively implement secure access, comply with regulatory requirements, and reduce the risks of fraud. BioPassword products include BioPassword Internet Edition for multifactor authentication in web-based environments and BioPassword Enterprise Edition for multifactor authentication in Active Directory networks and Citrix Presentation Server environments. For more information on BioPassword please see our website or contact us at (425) 649-1100.

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