May 31, 2007 15:41 ET

PANAMERSA Corporation Provides Details for Stockholders to Move to PDR Exchange

DALLAS, TX and PANAMA CITY--(Marketwire - May 31, 2007) - PANAMERSA Corporation (PINKSHEETS: PNMS) is today announcing details for shareholders participating in the upcoming start of trading on PDR Exchange (Panama), Inc.

PANAMERSA Corporation shareholders who wish to participate in trading on the foundation's PDR Exchange must be a beneficiary of Fundacion Pan America. A valid passport will be needed for identification. Current shareholders can begin without a passport, but are being urged to quickly obtain a passport to ensure full functionality of the trading platform. For all trading on the PDR Exchange platform, the account has to be funded to begin trading.

Current shareholders who wish to participate may obtain instructions and all forms by e-mailing Shareholders must send their beneficiary application, stock certificate, either signed on the back with a medallion seal or accompanied by a signed stock transfer power form with a medallion seal, to the Dallas PANAMERSA Corporation office via registered mail or overnight service:

PANAMERSA Corporation
Attn:  Foundation Representative
100 Crescent Court, Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75201
Due to PANAMERSA Corporation's status as an operating company of Fundacion Pan America, a member of the foundation will be at PANAMERSA's Dallas offices to verify all documents and expedite processes. Once verified, the foundation will process the documents, issue identification numbers and issue a shareholder's receipt (PDR) for stock via PDR Exchange (Panama), Inc. At this time a new account can also be created or an existing account verified for the beneficiary. This process is expected to take 24 hours from the time all documents are received.

Fees for trading on the PDR Exchange (Panama), Inc. platform are $10 per trade, and annual fees are set at $249 per year for each account a beneficiary holds within the foundation. To reward current shareholders for their support of the company in the past, PANAMERSA Corporation will pay for the shareholders' first year, if the account is set up within an initial 60-day period, making the first year free for current shareholders. For those who do not currently hold stock certificates, a $99 introductory rate has been extended for the first year, if the account is established within the initial 60-day period. All accounts must be funded to trade. Current shareholders' funding will be established once their certificates are conveyed to the Fundacion; however, a minimum cash balance of $1000 is required for those who do not currently own stock.

"We understand the issues surrounding those with IRAs. These issues will be resolved," added Mike Terrell, CEO of PANAMERSA Corporation. "We welcome any of the brokerage houses that hold IRAs to become beneficiaries of the foundation, which would allow them to trade and hold PDRs on your behalf. Additional Solutions are being researched to insure all IRA holders can participate in the PDR Exchange."

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