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Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp.

February 18, 2010 13:29 ET

PAW Intercepts High Grade Tantalum Mineralisation From Initial Drilling Program in Mozambique

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 18, 2010) - Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:PAW) ("PAW" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the results from PAW's inaugural 1,473 metre Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling program completed in November 2009 targeting Tantalum and Lithium mineralisation at the Company's Muiane Project in northern Mozambique.

Significant high grade tantalum intersections were returned from RC holes at Muiane, including:

NH127: 16m at 1,047 g/t Ta205, including 8m at 1,865 g/t Ta205,

NH139: 11m at 708 g/t Ta205, including 5m at 1,158 g/t Ta205, and

NH132: 7m at 373 g/t Ta205, including 2m at 740 g/t Ta205.

Significant intersections of Lithium were also returned at Muiane with:

NH139: 12m at 1.411% Li20, including 2m at 2.605% Li20, and

NH138: 2m at 1.275% Li20.

In addition PAW is pleased to report intersections from Company's first drilling program at its Maridge Prospect, located 7km North West of Muiane with a best tantalum intersection of: 

MA003: 2m at 265 g/t Ta205.

Detail on the assay methods and intersection calculations including a full list of results is given at the end of this News Release. Please note that intersection widths are down hole lengths.

This limited initial 1,473m RC drilling program has achieved its three aims of;

1) Testing for potential extensions to the historical tantalum mineralisation at the Muiane Mine,

2) Drilling two "twin" holes to get a better understanding of the historic Lithium drilling information at Muiane Mine, and

3) Drilling the first known drill holes at the Maridge Pit to confirm its potential for Tantalum mineralisation.

The first phase of the drilling focused on the Spirit Valley area located immediately east of the existing Indicated Mineral Resource of 1,375,000 tonnes @ 250 g/t Ta2O5 containing 750,000(i) pounds of Ta2O5 at Muiane. The Spirit Valley is the location of substantial historic mining. Nuggets bearing Ta2O5 (Tantalum) mineralisation were recovered from the walls of this historic mining area by the Pacific Wildcat Exploration team in 2007. The following plan shows the location of the RC drill collars in the Spirit Valley in relation to the existing Indicated Mineral Resource.

To view Figure 1 please click on the following link:

The following cross sections show the significant intersections (Ta2O5>100 g/t) in the Spirit Valley area.

To view Figures 2 through 5 please click on the following link:

The difference in results from the historic holes NH074, RC21 and new holes NH128 and NH127 show what may be a substantial nugget effect but further work will need to be conducted to gain a better understanding of the differences in Tantalum assays in this area over short distances.

The second phase of drilling focused on the drilling of two twin holes (NH138 and NH139) in the Litica zone of the resource(i) at Muiane.

As reported in the National Instrument 43-101 technical report titled "Technical Report on the Mineral Assets of Tantalum Mineração and Prospecção Limitada", dated 25th May 2009, ITM Mining Limited ("ITM") carried out an extensive mineral processing and geological sampling program at Muiane from May to June, 1999. A total of 24 RC drill holes were drilled to depths of between 26m and 70m for a total of 973m of which 909m was assayed. Although ITM did assay for Ta2O5 and Li2O, there is limited information on the quality control and assaying techniques used. What can be reported is that lithium mineralisation was encountered in over 80% of the total RC samples assayed in both the Litica Zone and quartz / spodumene zones.

The following indicative cross section gives the significant intersections of Lithium and Tantalum mineralisation in holes NH138 and NH139 within this area of the resource(i).

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The third phase of the drilling was the drilling of three RC holes at the Maridge mine located seven kilometres North West of the Muiane Mine. The Maridge pit is the location of extensive historic mining for Tantalum. The pit is over 400m in length and approximately 20m deep. No mining has occurred at Maridge since 1974. These holes, the first drilled in modern times, intersected a zone of mineralisation at the north eastern end of the pit. The following plan shows the location of the three drill holes.

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These tantalum intersections are particularly promising given only three holes were drilled and due to access problems the holes were not able to be drilled in an optimal location. These results are important as it proves the concept of Tantalum mineralisation at Maridge. As the mineralisation is open to the North East further drill holes will be planned in this area for the next drill program once drill access has been improved.


With licences totalling over 450 square kilometres, PAW is the largest single private licence holder on the Alto Ligonha pegmatite belt in northern Mozambique, a belt which contains a number of historic tantalum and lithium mine workings including the Muiane mine.

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The PAW team has extensive experience in the mining, processing and marketing of tantalum and lithium. From 2001 to 2004, PAW director Mr David Paull was responsible for selling of over half the world's tantalum and two thirds of the world's hard rock lithium production in his role as Executive General Manager of Marketing and Business Development for Sons of Gwalia in Western Australia.

Mr David Bale, a geologist and metallurgist by background, consults to PAW. Mr Bale has over 30 years experience in the tantalum and lithium mining industry including a period as Managing Director of Lithium Australia Limited. From 1996 to 2007, Mr Bale was Executive General Manager of the Minerals Division for Sons of Gwalia. During this period he was responsible for managing the production of over half the world's tantalum and two thirds of the world's hard rock lithium.

Mr Darren Townsend, PAW's President/CEO, is a mining engineer with over 15 years mining industry experience. Mr Townsend was previously General Manager at the Wodgina tantalum mine in Western Australia where over a period of five years he was instrumental in overseeing the expansion of the operation into what was then the world's largest Tantalum operation.


Work has commenced on analysing the results from this limited initial RC drill program in the context of the existing resource(i) at Muiane and historic exploration work completed on the property. Whilst planning for the next drilling program is being undertaken the Company has begun an extensive trenching program on its exploration licences with the aim of identifying additional drill targets. The Company's strategy at Muiane is to aggressively explore delineated tantalum targets on the licences with the objective of adding to the existing tantalum resource base and gaining a better understanding of the lithium potential of the properties. The Company is currently considering a number of Tantalum processing options for Muiane and is advanced in identifying a suitable treatment plant to allow for metallurgical testwork/initial small scale production.


The Chairman Mr Terry Lyons said today, "These high grade results from PAW's first drill program since closing the transaction to acquire the properties is an excellent result for the exploration team. Given the success of this first program it is the aim of the company to step up its exploration effort with the aim of commencing Tantalum production at Muiane within the next 12 months."


Darren Townsend, President

(i) As reported in the National Instrument 43-101 technical report titled "Technical Report on the Mineral Assets of Tantalum Mineração and Prospecção Limitada", dated 25th May 2009 and as prepared by Global Mining Services.

The Company wishes to clarify that certain information in this news release is based on historic data and references and has not been verified.


Prospect HOLE ID East North Hole Depth (m) From (m) To Interval (m) Ta2O5 (ppm)
Muiane NH127** 420,186 8,260,229 70 12 28 16 1047*
* incl. 12 20 8 1,865
  32 40 8 160
        6 7 1 130
        10 13 3 290
NH128 420,182 8,260,224 100 17 19 2 205
        38 42 4 145
        69 70 1 170
        72 78 6 183
        0 2 2 105
        13 15 2 245
NH129 420,189 8,260,235 76 18 28 10 223*
      *incl. 18 19 1 610
        32 42 10 224
        64 65 1 100
NH129A 420,184 8,260,243 100 12 20 8 270
24 32 8 190
NH130 420,135 8,260,194 125 12 15 3 193
62 63 1 170
        16 20 4 230
NH131 420,214 8,260,213 110 32 40 8 235
        76 84 8 260
          12 13 1 790
        16 23 7 373*
      *incl. 16 18 2 740
NH132 420,225 8,260,210 63 26 30 4 235
        33 36 3 173
        39 40 1 260
        45 58 13 174
 NH133     420,208   75 20 30 10 181
8,260,155 33 36 3 203
  63 64 1 160
NH134 420,239 8,260,144 100 60 64 4 110
NH135 420,152 8,260,252 100 0 4 4 222
18 20 2 265
23 26 3 227
NH138** 419,934 8,260,056 30 1 6 5 134
8 9 1 100
NH139** 422,075 8,260,027 30 4 15 11 708*
*incl. 4 9 5 1,158
  22 27 5 148
NH140 420,235 8,260,146   2 3 1 150
94 57 58 1 130
  80 81 1 100
          1 2 1 150
        3 4 1 110
        5 6 1 270
        9 10 1 130
        16 17 1 180
        19 21 2 175
NH142 420,225 8,260,217 100 23 36 13 228
        37 38 1 110
        40 48 8 315*
      *incl. 41 42 1 950
        52 59 7 267
        86 87 1 140
        92 93 1 260
          36 38 2 265
Maridge MA003 415,343 8,263,569 100 92 93 1 220
          94 95 1 140

Note: Co ordinates are MGA zone 37.
No attempt has been made to correct for the true widths as the orientation of the mineralization is not well understood.
Holes drilled to on a dip at approximately -55° except where marked with ** (Vertical holes)
Intersections calculated using a 100 g/t Ta2O5 lower cut-off with a maximum of 2m internal dilution.
Holes NH127, NH131 and NH134 samples are preliminary 4 metre composite RC chips, all other results are 1m riffle split samples. Analysis is by Nagrom Laboratories using Fused Disk XRF Assay analysis for Ta2O5.


HOLE ID East North Hole Depth (m) From (m) To Interval (m) Li2O (%)
NH138** 419,934 8,260,056  30 0 14 14 0.713*
* incl. 11 13 2 1.275
  17 18 1 0.76
  21 23 2 0.86
  29 30 1 0.65
NH139** 422,075 8,260,027 30 3 15 12 1.411*
*incl. 5 7 2 2.605
NH142 420,225 8,260,217 100 36 40 4 1.17

Note: Co ordinates are MGA zone 37.
Holes drilled to on a dip at approximately -55° except where marked with ** (Vertical holes)
Intersections calculated using a 0.5% Li2O lower cut-off with a maximum of 3m internal dilution.
Holes NH142 samples are preliminary 4 metre composite RC chips, all other results are 1m riffle split samples. Analysis is by Nagrom Laboratories using Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) analyses for Li20.

A Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program forms part of the drilling, sampling and assay program on the Muiane Project. This program includes chain of custody protocol as well as systematic submittal of certified reference materials and blank samples into the flow of samples produced by the drilling.


Qualified Person: Michael John Sperinck, BSc – Geology and Chemistry, MAusIMM, an independent consultant with Global Mining Services and qualified person under the NI 43-101, and as a Competent Person as defined in the 2004 Edition of the 'Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves' has reviewed the technical contents relating to the Muiane mine for this news release and helped supervise the exploration programs undertaken by Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp.

Mr Sperinck consents to the inclusion in this report of the matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears. Mr Sperinck has sufficient experience, which is relevant to the style of mineralization and type of deposit under consideration with more than 25 years of experience in the mining industry.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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