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December 01, 2009 10:00 ET

PMA Companies Replaces Spam Filters With Sendio Email System Protection

Over 120,000 Daily Email Attacks and 94% of Related Help Desk Requests Eliminated

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2009) - Sendio, Inc., developer of the only email system protection solution to utilize self-managing email communities to totally eliminate attacks and abuse, today announced that PMA Companies has finished replacing multiple spam filtering devices with a Sendio email system protection solution. During the course of the project, PMA Companies, provider of specialized risk management solutions to customers throughout the United States, found that Sendio effectively blocked all email attack messages, reduced the daily average number of junk messages that required manual processing from over 120,000 to essentially zero, and freed up a significant amount of help desk time.

"Email is our number one application," said Charlie Elia, vice president of information systems at PMA Companies. "[Previously] PMA had two solutions in place, neither of which were completely doing the job. Even with multiple security layers, a high volume of spam was still coming through, and end-users were continually struggling with false positives, which no amount of IT time was able to stop. The decision to go with Sendio was about the quality of the solution and the viability of the technology. They were really able to meet the needs of our organization."

Prior to implementing Sendio, PMA's primary spam filter held an average of 15% of the messages received on a daily basis (roughly 120,000 messages). During pilot testing, using only a subset of the Sendio features, this number was reduced to 2.5% of total email volume. Upon full implementation of Sendio's email community management solution, this figure continued to drop and "spam disappeared." Email-related help desk calls that previously took up nearly 10% of IT time now comprise less than .5%. PMA has also been able to "simplify the network's infrastructure, while boosting security -- eliminating both of the previous systems in place and four on-site servers," according to Elia.

"Although we have a number of large customers, PMA Companies challenged our system with one of the highest email volumes we have ever processed outside of our labs," said Peter Ombres, chief operating officer of Sendio, Inc. "We're proud that Sendio's technology met the challenge and replaced both of the systems previously in place. The dynamics of email attacks and abuse have changed over the last 3 - 5 years, and old technologies are simply no longer viable. Sendio's email community management technology is the only email system protection solution that addresses the current threats in a manner that does not increase the burden on IT -- saving organizations both time and money."

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