July 24, 2009 11:30 ET

PackYourBags and Enjoy Your Holiday to Spain and Greece

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 24, 2009) - Greece is one of the most-preferred holiday destinations of Europe. The country has a unique blend of both tradition and modern culture that is hard to find elsewhere. Greece is known as the birthplace of philosophy, science, mathematics and democracy. The beautiful sandy beaches and excellent weather has attracted tourist from all over the world. Greece has several islands and islets, the most popular being the Rhodes and Corfu. You will love visiting the villages, where tradition is still preferred over modern culture. Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. People are attracted to Rhodes because of its beautiful beaches, brilliant weather and rich and fascinating history. Rhodes is the 4th largest island in Greece and is located south of the Turkish Coast. You will love the extravagant historical architecture and artefacts that Rhodes has to offer. If you are looking for exciting nightlife along with lovely beaches, then you must visit the island of Corfu. There are many hotels, apartments and resorts in Corfu that offer partying and late-night entertainment. The climate in Corfu is excellent and hardly drops below 25 degrees during summer. Corfu has some of the finest beaches in Greece, and many have been awarded the European Blue Flag award. Samos is another popular tourist destination in Greece. The island has some excellent hotels, international restaurants and many beachside attractions. Samos is an ideal holiday destination for people looking for a peaceful and carefree cheap holiday in Greece. There are many cheap and budget holiday packages to Greece available at

Spain is a popular tourist destination in Europe because it offers budget travel and accommodation. You will find many beaches that not only offer a relaxing atmosphere but also adventure sports like scuba-diving and water surfing. Spain is known not only for its wonderful beaches but also for its exciting nightlife. Holidays in Spain can be inexpensive, and you will not feel the pinch even if holidaying in Spain with your entire family. There are many serviced apartments in Spain that not only provide budget accommodation but also provide evening entertainment and fun activities for children. Spain is also known for its beautiful shallow-watered beaches. The country has a unique architectural style that includes bizarre tunnels and balconies, which is a must-see when visiting Spain. Spain is also famous for its La Tomatina festival - an annual event in which surplus tomatoes are thrown on the streets. Spain is also known for its monuments and heritage sites, which remind you of the medieval period. The country has more than six cities that are declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, which is higher than any other country in the world. For a cheap holiday in Spain visit, where prices start from a low Pounds Sterling 139.

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