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October 15, 2007 12:09 ET

Pain Treatments Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - October 15, 2007) - NI Research has released the October issue of NeuroInvestment, which reviews the current status and prospects of treatments for nociceptive pain (therapeutics for neuropathic pain were most recently reviewed in NI September 2006). With 20-30 million Americans suffering from significant (rather than transient, which are ubiquitous) pain disorders, this is a huge market. While there are effective therapeutics available, epitomized by the opioids, this class of drugs has a sombering array of side effect and abuse issues. The pharmaceutical industry is developing improved variations on the opioid theme, including modified delivery options, but more importantly, is pursuing a number of avenues in the hope of finding an alternative mechanism which offers opioid-like efficacy without the adverse event and abuse risks endemic to opioids.

The main body of the review assesses coming generations of treatments for pain. Targets of particular merit include: N-type calcium channels, VR-1/capsaicin receptors, acid-sensing ion channels, NGF, FAAH-inhibition, kappa opioids, nicotinic receptors, and AMPA/kainate receptors. Companies whose programs are included in this review include: Adolor, Cara Therapeutics, Cephalon, Cypress Bioscience (NASDAQ: CYPB), GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Neurogen (NASDAQ: NRGN), Neuromed Pharmaceuticals, Organon, PainCeptor, Pfizer, Targacept, and TorreyPines Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TPTX).

In addition, the October issue of NeuroInvestment looks at the respiratory depression issue that has recently been of higher profile for Cephalon and its Fentora PCA therapeutic, and possible means of addressing respiratory depression, such as being investigated by Cortex. There is also commentary on recent research linking Alzheimer's with diabetes; AstraZeneca's failure to properly vet Renovis' NXY-059 before launching its ill-fated Phase III stroke program; the not-unrelated acquisition of Renovis by Evotec; and Clinical Data's attempt to revive vilazodone for depression. There is also a Focus Review of Neuromed Pharmaceuticals.

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