April 05, 2010 06:00 ET

Pairing Personal Property Tax Appeals With Real Market Data From Business Valuation Firm AccuVal Could Lower Companies' Assessments

MEQUON, WI--(Marketwire - April 5, 2010) - With property tax compliance season in full force and many spring filing deadlines looming, many companies are turning their attention to their taxable assets. Companies and taxing authorities often disagree on the basis upon which assets are taxed, and in certain economic conditions, assets may be over-assessed, meaning that the value that is the basis for the assessment may outdate current market conditions.

Successfully challenging the assessment basis can reduce your current and future tax liabilities and even recover payments made in past years. AccuVal, a leading business valuation, advisory and asset management services company, provides appraisals backed with extensive, real market transactions to establish the basis for Fair Market Value, a solution not offered elsewhere in the industry. The firm has amassed the largest database of personal property transaction information in the world.

When a corporation disagrees with an assessment for property tax purposes, they generally file an appeal. In order for that appeal to be effective, the testimony of an expert witness may be required. AccuVal not only provides appraisals for personal property tax appeal, but also has tax experts available to provide expert witness testimony and provide the crucial support details necessary to win dispute cases.

"Our tax experts are experienced in appealing property taxes -- from local jurisdictions all the way to the state Supreme Court level," said Andy Gronik, President & CEO of AccuVal. "With our services, you can stop over-paying taxes on out-of-touch assessments."

Other related services from AccuVal include fixed asset reconciliation in which AccuVal updates fixed asset records to save clients from payment of assessments and insurance on property no longer owned, and the classification of personal property for tax purposes in which AccuVal can help maximize the use of accelerated depreciation tables. These approaches to appealing property tax assessment have saved AccuVal's clients millions and have done so more quickly and with fewer legal disputes than alternative approaches.

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