Panasonic Canada Inc.

Panasonic Canada Inc.

July 31, 2008 18:23 ET

Panasonic Canada Inc. Unveils a Ruggedized Handheld Full-Function PC for Field Workers in Challenging Environments

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 31, 2008) -

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Panasonic Canada Inc. today announced the availability of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1 PC, the first ultra-mobile (UMPC) to integrate the low-power consumption Intel® Atom™ processor in a rugged handheld computer for use in the field. The CF-U1 reinvents handheld computing by integrating features previously only available on a full size PC in a form that can be used anywhere.

"The CF-U1 allows the mobile field workers to connect to critical information and applications in real time, thus improving organizational efficiency, increasing information accuracy, and enabling field-based decision-making," said Susan Black, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Communications and Computer Systems Division, Panasonic Canada Inc. "We are constantly collecting input from our customers and that feedback illustrated the need for a handheld PC, so Panasonic responded with the CF-U1 which was designed with a wide variety of industries in mind."

Rugged UMPCs must be purpose-built and engineered for the environments in which they will likely be used. The Toughbook CF-U1 PC will thrive in environments as diverse as construction sites, mining operations, oil and gas refineries, manufacturing facilities, railroad yards, city streets and storage warehouses. Further, the Toughbook CF-U1 PC is ideally suited for use by insurance adjusters, building inspectors, police officers, firefighters and other first responders. The Toughbook CF-U1 PC has several docking options that expand functionality whether in a vehicle, at a desk, or on the move.

Unlike most handhelds, the Toughbook CF-U1 PC operates on full-function Windows® XP and Windows Vista® operating systems, giving users remote access to full software applications in the field. The CF-U1's many features include: a thumb-friendly and always-accessible backlit QWERTY keyboard that makes data input fast and easy; Panasonic LCD technology which enables the screen to be viewed in direct sunlight with low-power, white LED backlighting; a 2MP camera; a fingerprint and a barcode scanner; and twin, long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries enable battery replacement without disrupting operation.

Inside the notebook, the Intel Atom processors pack an astounding 47 million transistors on a single chip smaller than a dime (measuring less than 25 mm), making the Atom Intel's smallest and lowest power consuming processor. The Atom is designed specifically for small devices and features support for multiple threads for better performance and increased system responsiveness all while delivering longer battery life.

"The Intel Atom processor delivers high performance at dramatically low power while maintaining PC compatibility and enabling the best internet experience in small devices," said Anand Chandrasekher, Intel Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Intel Ultra Mobility Group. "Intel's low power technologies, combined with Panasonic's longstanding leadership in rugged PCs, are making it possible for mobile field workers to be more productive while reducing TCO for the IT manager."

To ensure connectivity the Toughbook CF-U1 PC offers a variety of wireless options including:

- Optional integrated 3G mobile broadband for access anywhere with data coverage

- Draft-n compliant Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/draft-n) for faster speeds and greater range

- Integrated Bluetooth radios for simple connection to wireless peripherals

- Optional, next generation (SiRFstarIII based) GPS technology for improved accuracy, faster satellite acquisition time and lower power consumption

The CF-U1's magnesium alloy chassis and solid state drive protects the handheld from bumps and drops of up to four feet (122 cm) while expanding the CF-U1's operating temperature range. The Toughbook CF-U1 PC is MIL-STD-810F tested and is capable of withstanding shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, temperature extremes and thermal shock, and is IP54 compliant for water-, rain- and dust-resistance. The handheld has a fan-less design which reduces noise, weight and eliminates points of failure.

The Panasonic Toughbook U1 UMPC will be available in Canada in the Fall at a manufacturer's suggested price of $2,399(i).

Panasonic Canada Inc. has been the leading name in ruggedized notebooks in Canada for more than 12 years. There are currently more than 50,000 Toughbook notebook users in Canada. All Toughbook notebook models are designed, engineered and manufactured in Panasonic-owned factories. The company has a large investment in people, factories, robotics, environmental and wireless testing chambers, quality-control processes, and a broad range of end-to-end service offerings to ensure that the company will continue to be the leader in the ruggedized computer market. Panasonic's commitment to quality-at both the component and finished goods level-results in a total of more than 500 checks and tests before, during and after production, on every unit built.

Panasonic Canada Inc. is a principal Canadian subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., (MEI) of Japan, one of the world's largest producers of electronic and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use. For more information, visit Panasonic's home page at

(i) Specifications are subject to change without notice. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Dealers are free to set their own prices which may be lower or higher than the prices suggested in this news release.



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