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January 03, 2008 15:32 ET

"Parallel Peaks" Compared to "Good to Great" as Essential Read for All CEOs

Mountain Climbing Not B-School, Gives Author Insights on Business Success

WENATCHEE, WA--(Marketwire - January 3, 2008) - Kilimanjaro and Mt. Rainer -- not Harvard Business School -- are where entrepreneur and mountaineer John McQuaig crystallized his insights on achieving the pinnacle of business success.

His new book, "Parallel Peaks: Business Insights While Climbing the World's Highest Mountains" (HRD Press) is getting rave reviews from the readers who count most -- fellow entrepreneurs and executives.

"Not since Jim Collins' 'Good to Great' has the pathway to building a successful business been so plainly laid out in language that anyone can relate to," says Neil J. Beaton, a partner with accounting giant Grant Thornton. "John McQuaig weaves a wonderful mountain-climbing analogy that drives home key business concepts in ways that make them stick."

MIT-trained and former GE executive, Dr. Craig Tedmon says, "I've probably read a couple dozen 'how-to' management books over the years and yours is one of the best I've read. First, it's short and well written and, second, it's based on your own personal 'been there, done that' experience. Vastly better than some academic theorizing."

"Get a warm blanket to wrap yourself while reading 'Parallel Peaks.' John's great talent for storytelling will leave your teeth chattering as if you, too, have reached the snowy mountain summit!" says Valda Sarty, founder of retailer Sarty Mountain Inc.

Isaac M. O'Bannon, technology editor of The CPA Technology Advisor magazine, calls "Parallel Peaks" "a must-have trail guide for managers and entrepreneurs. In it, John brings excitement to the process of business management by using metaphors from his other life as a climber of the world's tallest peaks. Much like an experienced Sherpa, he guides his readers through the perilous terrain of the business world, sharing secrets and tips, while pointing out the pitfalls that have led others down the wrong path."

Rick Solomon, president and CEO of RAN ONE Americas, says, "John McQuaig's great insight and understanding of what it really takes to succeed will help business owners' reach new heights."

Robert Bunting, former Chairman of the American Institute of CPAs and Moss Adams LLP partner, says, "John has used mountain climbing to convey some important and proven business truths."

The founder and chairman of North Cascades National Bank, a $275 million institution with more than 125 employees, McQuaig runs McQuaig & Welk, which consults with companies on how to establish their "vision paths" and advance their strategic plans toward peaks of achievement -- and is an organic farmer to boot.

He's conquered peaks such as Mount Rainier, Kala Pattar, Mount St. Helens and Kilimanjaro.

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