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June 22, 2010 09:41 ET

Parents of Fallen Canadian Soldier Receive Gift from Local Author

Northern Ontario author, Dorothy Krusky presents her commemorative book to the parents of fallen Canadian Soldier Warrant Officer Gaétan Roberge from Hanmer, Ontario.

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Books Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor GUELPH, ONTARIO --(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) - Ms. Krusky describes meeting with the Roberge's, as "an honor that they took the time to drive to my home to receive my gift of The Many Faces of War book".

In support of our Canadian troops, Ms. Krusky has put together a collection of war stories, poetry and pictures that reflect how the pain of war has affected soldiers and their families. Featured within the pages are historic photos of the South Saskatchewan Infantry Regiment in the Netherlands 1945 and of Juno Beach Normandy France, WW2 June 16, 1944. This book is also a commemorative collection of stories, poetry and memories, contributed by Canadians in support of our Canadian troops dating back to WW1, 1916 'The Great War' and WW2 respectively.

Ms. Krusky found an outpouring of support from Canadian citizens all across Canada that had stories and photos they contributed to The Many Faces of War book. Ms. Krusky felt extremely humbled by the reaction she received which encouraged her commitment to pursue her dream of writing this book.

While compiling information for the book Ms. Krusky came across the Chosen Soldier Project, a non-profit organization formed by Joan McMurray of Toronto, Ontario and her sister Louise Jarvis of Sudbury, Ontario. The project offers soldiers 'care packages' with known items that would be needed, along with words of encouragement. Ms. Krusky wanted to support the project so she too had a Chosen Soldier named Warrant Officer Hani Massouh, who also holds a dedication in the book. Officer Massouh was with the Unit 2nd Battalion Royal 22e Regiment Valcartier, Quebec.

While channeling all of her efforts into The Many Faces of War book, Ms. Krusky felt that she could be helping the Canadian troops in other ways. Ms. Krusky brilliantly came up with the idea of 'Pocket Posties'. These unique business sized cards display the Canadian flag on one side and space on the back for citizens to write a note of support to the troops over in Afghanistan. Ms. Krusky enlisted the support of Mrs. Judy Preston from Russell, Manitoba to help with the campaign. To date there have been over 10,000 of these 'pocket posties' delivered to our Canadian soldiers.

An empathetic addition to the book is a list of the fallen Canadian soldiers from April 2002 to September 2009 whose lives have been lost due to the Afghanistan war. The Many Faces of War book retails for $ 19.95 CDN. With every purchase, a two-dollar donation will be contributed to the Wounded Warrior's website. This donation is to help in the aide of health and mental care for soldiers and families upon their return back home.

Reviews reported back to the author from the Veterans of the Royal Legions Ottawa, ON, stated the following quote about The Many Faces of War book.

"It has been too long since the soldiers felt such pride from the public"

About Siscan Books: Siscan Books is a publishing company from Manitoba that supports up and coming new books and established authors. Ms Krusky also has to her credit two books; The Christmas Cat - children's fiction and Life's Ride - poetry, both published through Siscan Books. All books are available at the following website.
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