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October 25, 2007 00:00 ET

Pass the Tennessee T-Cakes & Turn Up the Volume

"Tea Cakes and Music Have Always Been a Part of Southern Culture; The Real Question Is Why It Took Me So Long to Put Them Together!"

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - October 25, 2007) - Nashville-based Tennessee T-Cakes has always been a hometown favorite, satisfying cravings for the moist confection for the better part of a quarter-century. Though, as most of us are aware, regardless of how great a company has been in the past, change is bound to come; and so it has to Tennessee T-Cakes... for the better.

T-Cakes owner Frances Barkley has just announced the formation of several important relationships between herself and Nashville-area record labels in order to add the gift of music to her gift sets. And in case you're wondering why she thought it necessary to add yet another great item to her delicious assortment of T-Cakes, she only has this to say: "T-Cakes and music have always been a part of Southern culture. The real question is why it took me so long to put them together," said Barkley, adding that, "Nashville is home to such wonderful talent, and I'm proud to offer a way to broaden the exposure these acts have already experienced while giving my customers another way to please their friends and family."

Many of the acts need no introduction; Johnny Lee ( has had many hits since he made his way from Texas to the national stage; included among his songs are such classics as "Lookin for Love" and "Yellow Rose of Texas." He includes Veteran Music Singer of the Year, Gospel, Academy of Country Music and several Grammy nominations among his awards as well as The Essence Award for Best Country Album. He remains one of country music's busiest touring acts, gracing stages across the globe with a fan base that grows larger with every passing year.

Cleveland, Ohio native Eileen Carey ( has also been around the music scene for years; Eileen's talent and unique ability to emulate other artists such as The Beatles and Chrissie Hynde (of Pretenders fame) without merely mimicking them has given her a career anyone would envy. Carey has been nominated for such honors as "Female Vocalist Of the Year" and "Country Artist Of the Year."

And although Andra Townsend ( is a relative newcomer to the music scene, she made quite a splash when she released her first single, "Hidden Heroes," off her ART Records self-titled debut album in early 2007. Andra's self-titled album contains cuts written by such songwriting pros as Tom Paden and Rebecca Lynn Howard and has garnered a lot of attention in the short period it's been available.

Before including any music in the gift sets, available at, you can listen to a sample of the songs available from these and other artists in order to decide just what type of tunes the recipients of your presents would enjoy. Then, the music is pressed onto a compact disc and inserted into a special Tennessee T-Cakes case (with a short bio on the artists) before being included in the elegantly packaged Tennessee T-Cakes gift set and sent along to whoever it is you're treating.

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