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April 30, 2008 08:00 ET

Paul Kapustka Launches 'Sidecut Reports' to Bring Long-Form, Analytical Reporting Back to Tech Journalism

Inaugural "Sidecut Report" on the State of WiMax Wireless Broadband Deployments in the U.S. Kicks Off Editorial Venture Devoted to Providing Business Professionals With Up-to-the Minute Information and Decision-Making Analysis on Cutting-Edge Topics, Going Far Beyond Blogs at a Price Far Less Than That Charged by Traditional Analyst Operations

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - April 30, 2008) - Longtime technology journalist Paul Kapustka has launched Sidecut Reports (, an independent editorial research firm designed to provide business professionals with up-to-the minute information and decision-making analysis on cutting-edge topics at the intersection of telecommunications, the Internet and public policy.

With the release of the inaugural "Sidecut Report" on the state of WiMax wireless broadband deployments in the U.S., Kapustka brings long-form, analytical reporting back to technology journalism, bucking the recent trend of industry publications choosing to sacrifice quality of content in favor of faster, lightweight reports.

Instead of chasing page views to satisfy online advertising contracts, Sidecut Reports will offer its content via yearly "coverage area" subscriptions, each priced at $149.95. Readers can purchase the reports for immediate download at the website, Sidecut Reports plans to offer three more reports in this calendar year, in the coverage category areas of Public Policy, Internet Video Infrastructure, and Advanced Telephony. A report on network neutrality is due out next.

"Sidecut Reports is designed to provide the in-depth coverage blogs don't have the time for, at a price far less than traditional 'industry analyst' reports, which can costs thousands of dollars each," said Kapustka, who was managing editor at the GigaOM blog network before starting Sidecut Reports late last year. The intersection of telecommunications, the Internet and public policy is well served by such an editorial direction, Kapustka said, since the topics are complex, technically arcane, and often steeped in regulation and legalese that precludes explanation in the typical 500-word blog post.

"Blogs are great for breaking tech news, but it's hard for bloggers to step back and dig deep on any single topic, since they're under great pressure to come up with the next post," Kapustka said. The continuing layoffs and financial struggles at traditional technology publishing outlets seems to suggest that theirs is a "broken model," Kapustka said, leading him to choose a subscription-based strategy for Sidecut Reports.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style accessible to those who may not have completely understood the topics or technology, the reports are also free of any vendor influence, making it much different than analyst reports that may be tailored to suit sponsor interests, or may be too deep in technical minutae to be understood by a wider audience.

"I'm confident that business professionals or their companies will value content that will educate, inform and provide analysis for timely business and investment decisions," Kapustka said. "Quality never goes out of style. It has just never really been available to a wider audience."

Each Sidecut Report subscription entitles readers to a year's worth of news flashes and report updates in the selected category, providing readers with a "living report" that keeps them up to date on their selected topic. Full-site yearly subscriptions are also available, as are subscription discounts for students and professionals at non-profit organizations. Corporations may also purchase rights to republish Sidecut Reports on their company websites, or may purchase group-discount reports for internal use.

Kapustka, who has covered networking and Internet industry topics since 1991, has held top editorial positions at a wide range of industry publications, including CMP Media's Advanced IP Pipeline and Networking Pipeline websites, InformationWeek, InternetWeek, CommunicationsWeek, Light Reading, the (old) Red Herring, Open Systems Today! and Unix Today!. Most recently, he was managing editor for Om Malik's GigaOM blog network, managing and writing posts for both the GigaOM and NewTeeVee blogs.


Sidecut Reports, a new independent editorial research firm, represents the future of technology journalism, providing business professionals in a wide range of disciplines with deep background, up-to-the minute information, and decision-making analysis on pertinent topics that goes far beyond blogs at a price far less than that charged by traditional analyst operations. Led by longtime industry journalist Paul Kapustka, Sidecut Reports provides in-depth looks into topics at the intersection of telecommunications, the Internet and public policy, which are available for purchase online at

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