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October 13, 2006 11:22 ET

Pearson Prentice Hall To Host Live Webcast Featuring CEO Of Digital Music Company SNOCAP

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J.--(Collegiate Presswire - October 13, 2006) - Pearson Prentice Hall will host a national webcast on Oct. 20 featuring Rusty Rueff, the CEO of SNOCAP, the first end-to-end provider of digital licensing, copyright management services, and artist distribution for the digital music marketplace. The live, 50-minute interactive interview will offer students the opportunity to learn from an industry leader how business strategy is practiced in the highly dynamic world of the music industry.

Prentice Hall is hosting this event to celebrate and support the launch of Strategic Management: A Dynamic Perspective, the innovative new strategy text by Mason Carpenter and Gerry Sanders. The book features examples from the recent history of the music industry, including Shawn Fanning's creation of the original digital music file sharing program Napster, through the evolution of online-music sharing, to his most recent venture as cofounder of SNOCAP.

Through its unique registry and technology platform, SNOCAP broke ground as the first company to allow artists and labels to legally and easily promote and sell their music through their own artist stores or through digital retailers. SNOCAP recently signed a deal with MySpace, the leading social networking site and lifestyle portal for discovering culture, and is continuing to develop new and innovative ways to promote and distribute digital media.

"Since the launch of SNOCAP, there have been dramatic changes in the digital music marketplace, and our success has depended on our ability to innovate and evolve," said Rueff. "This webcast will be valuable to any student preparing for the business world, to get an inside perspective on how a company constantly has to adjust its strategy to adapt to the changing forces around it."

"The most effective way for students to learn is through real examples of topics they find relevant and interesting," said Eric Frank, Director of Marketing for Prentice Hall Business Publishing. "The music industry is clearly relevant to today's college students, and professors can use this webcast in the classroom o demonstrate how dynamic strategy is employed in the real world."

Anyone interested in the music industry or business strategy can register for this webcast. For more information please visit

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SNOCAP has a vision for the digital music marketplace: to bring more music to more people through more outlets. Through the SNOCAP proprietary Digital Registry, artists and labels are empowered to easily promote and sell their music through digital retailers or through their own unique artist store. In turn, these retailers have a growing inventory, offering more music to more music fans. Founded by Shawn Fanning, Jordan Mendelson and Ron Conway in 2003, SNOCAP aims to be the trusted solution powering the global marketplace for digital media. For more information, visit

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