August 11, 2008 15:47 ET Assumes Leadership Role Bringing Massive Supplies of Wood Pellet Heating Fuels Into Heavily-Populated U.S. East Coast

GOFFSTOWN, NH--(Marketwire - August 11, 2008) - "Consumers frightened of rising oil prices have turned to wood pellet heating systems in record-breaking numbers this spring and summer," said Jon Strimling, President of (

"But recently, many of those same consumers have been concerned about their ability to obtain wood pellet fuels. has taken the initiative to restore confidence in wood pellet fuel supplies, acting quickly to start the flow of wood pellets to the densely populated U.S. East Coast." is working with a network of more than 30 manufacturing sources throughout the U.S. and Canada to move wood pellets and other biomass heating fuels to areas of peak demand. For example, with wood pellet supplies tight on the East Coast, the company has arranged to move approximately 100,000 tons of heating fuels into the area. This is enough fuel to help 40,000 homes meet their heating needs this winter, and is equivalent to displacing over 10 million gallons of home heating oil with a renewable, carbon neutral alternative.

Wood Pellet Pricing Compares to Oil at $2.50 a Gallon has also been able to keep the price of pellets relatively stable. Two years ago, pellets were retailing in the range of $259-289/ton, and today, the company is offering product from $269-299/ton in the East, depending on consumers' locations. At $299/ton the cost of these pellets is still equivalent to fuel oil at below $2.50/gallon. And these small increases are far cry from what consumers are seeing in their oil bills! Pricing and availability is available online at

"The secret to's success in holding prices stable has been our sophisticated logistics systems," continued Mr. Strimling. "The company has patent pending technology optimizing shipping routes to individual consumers' homes based on an extensive set of geographic locations and data from its network of over 50 carriers nationwide. The company ships a variety of brands of wood pellets, including Quality Certified products such as its CleanFire brand.

"However, even with this tremendous volume of fuel entering the market, we cannot guarantee that we can meet every consumer's needs. So we still recommend that homeowners place their orders now, as the only thing certain is that availability will become more limited and pricing will rise as we get into the winter season," cautioned Mr. Strimling.

About has rapidly become the nation's leading provider of wood pellet fuels directly to residences. Many consumers require about three tons of wood pellets to heat their homes for a season. offers consumers the ease of online ordering combined with convenient home delivery of these fuels. The company provides retail delivery throughout the East Coast and in selected areas of the Midwest and West. also provides consumers the opportunity to buy truckloads of product anywhere in the country through its extensive network of over 30 manufacturing sources. Contact:

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