January 15, 2008 12:55 ET

Pennsylvania State Department of Transportation (PennDOT) District 8 Conducts Successful Final Acceptance Test of VidSys' VidShield for New, All-Digital Transportation Management Center

Physical Security Situation Management Platform Integrates All Technology Applications, Cameras, Monitors and Video Recorders for Smarter, Faster Decision Making

VIENNA, VA--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Situation Management, today announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 8-0 (PennDOT 8-0) has officially implemented the VidShield 4.0 to serve as the central video management platform for the state's new, all digital Transportation Management Center (TMC). PennDOT 8-0, the largest engineering district in the state with 5,331 miles of highway and 3,483 bridges, chose VidSys because its platform seamlessly integrates multiple vendors' equipment, enabling faster, more intelligent decision making for traffic management and incident response while saving resources and potentially lives.

Responsible for the design, maintenance and construction of state highways and bridges in south central Pennsylvania, PennDOT 8-0 is currently building a new TMC in the PennDOT 8-0 building in Harrisburg in order to more effectively manage and ensure an appropriate response to the hundreds of events that can occur daily on the district's roadways. VidShield integrates all of the new video monitoring technology that PennDOT has purchased for the TMC, including video cubes from Mitsubishi, a video wall controller/processor from Barco, cameras from Cohu and encoders from Teleste, into a single seamless management platform. VidSys will provide operators with a common Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to manage incident and events as they unfold based on individual preference. The center is planned to expand beyond the initial implementation to include additional cameras as PennDOT 8-0 begins real-time information sharing with agencies, such as the Pennsylvania State Police, and other districts throughout the state.

"We had the rare opportunity to build a state-of-the-art, 100 percent digital transportation management center from the ground up, leveraging the very best solutions available on the market today without any technical limitations caused by legacy or analog technology," explained Barry Hoffman, P.E., district executive, PennDOT 8-0. "We selected VidSys because its platform enables us to easily integrate and manage all of our applications in digital format and will scale with us as we expand our operations. Additionally, VidShield will allow us to collaborate seamlessly with other state and local agencies that use a mix of analog and digital technologies."

With VidShield, transportation departments and other traffic management organizations have the ability to deploy an entire network of physical and IT security and surveillance technologies to prevent, detect, deter and respond to traffic situations on public roadways and public safety systems. Compatible with the National Transportation Communication Internet Protocol (NTCIP) for transportation interoperability, VidShield enables video surveillance technologies to be integrated with road sensors, ramp meters, signs, mapping, global information systems (GIS) and e-collection devices, all managed from a single user interface to effectively manage incidents and deploy critical resources efficiently.

For example, PennDOT can establish rules that enable a trigger to be sent to the VidShield platform when there is minor and heavy congestion, picked up by road sensors and loop and radar detectors. VidShield captures this event each time it occurs and applies pre-established rules to the event data to flag exceptions, such as congestion that is not normal for a particular stretch of road at a particular time of day. If there is an exception, VidShield enables operators to immediately access the nearest cameras and monitors in order to assess the situation and determine if action is required.

"Our platform serves as the glue that pulls everything within a transportation management center together, regardless of what technologies are involved, to enable faster, better decision making," said Chuck Teubner, CEO of VidSys. "By rapidly providing operators with more accurate information and analysis as events occur, PennDOT 8-0 can decrease response time, reduce false actions and put responders where they are needed most to protect the lives of everyone on its highways and roadways."

VidSys, along with the prime consultant, Jacobs, Edwards and Kelsey, Inc., has delivered a fully functional turnkey solution to PennDOT 8-0 including engineering, testing support, training and documentation. The PennDOT 8-0 TMC in Harrisburg, PA is now fully operational and ready for 2008 and beyond.

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