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December 08, 2009 13:00 ET

Pentaho Dominates Open Source Business Intelligence and Data Integration Adoption

Comprehensive Research Published by BeyeNETWORK Ranks Pentaho as the Most Popular and Widely Deployed Open Source Software for Business Intelligence

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - Pentaho Corporation, the commercial open source alternative for business intelligence (BI), announced today the availability of the most comprehensive independent research to date on open source BI and data integration adoption and usage. This BeyeNETWORK Research Report titled "Open Source Solutions: Managing, Analyzing and Delivering Business Information" by Mark Madsen clearly illustrates that commercial open source has moved out of the innovation stage and directly into mainstream consideration for new BI projects. Survey results reveal, in the categories of BI and data integration, that Pentaho leads all other open source vendors in actual usage by a 2:1 margin. In addition to BI and data integration, Pentaho ranks in the top two for advanced analytics making it the only vendor to lead in all three categories of adoption.

"Open source business intelligence and data warehouse use increased dramatically in the last year and is moving into the mainstream for IT," said Mark Madsen, president of Third Nature. "As the only vendor offering a full suite of tools for reporting, analysis and data integration, Pentaho is positioned well to ride this wave."

"Open Source Solutions" is based on a survey of more than 1,000 participants including small, medium and large organizations, representing a broad spectrum of industry verticals. Key questions explored in this research include what types of projects companies are turning to open source for, whether these are new projects or replacements of existing implementations, and which specific open source tools organizations are using.

The research concludes that open source usage mirrors patterns seen amongst traditional BI offerings, with the largest areas of use being reporting, dashboards and OLAP. One notable exception is that consumers were far more likely to embed open source BI into their websites and applications given the standards-based nature of open source solutions as compared to their proprietary counterparts. Research also revealed that open source BI and data integration are making major inroads into the highest growth areas of the BI market -- new projects in small-to-medium-sized businesses. Finally, results prove that Pentaho's BI Suite and Mondrian OLAP engine rank Pentaho as the undisputed leader in open source business intelligence with over twice the adoption of its nearest competitor. Similarly, Pentaho Data Integration topped all others as the most widely used open source data integration and ETL solution.

"Commercial open source BI and data integration have come a long way since Pentaho pioneered the space exactly 5 years ago, and it is important for the market to get an exhaustive, independent research study to clearly demonstrate significant open source BI adoption rates," said Richard Daley, CEO of Pentaho Corporation. "Furthermore, and to our delight, this research unmistakably proves that Pentaho is being adopted by many more organizations than any other open source player."

"Open Source Solutions: Managing, Analyzing and Delivering Business Information" is available for free download from

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