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October 30, 2007 11:00 ET

Pepperdine University Relies on the 3n InstaCom Campus Alert System to Protect Students, Faculty and Staff During the Malibu Canyon Fire

GLENDALE, CA--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - In response to the Malibu Canyon fire that began a devastating rampage through the small ocean-side community on Sunday, October 21, Pepperdine University actively used its newly deployed mass notification system provided by 3n (National Notification Network) to help relocate faculty and staff to designated shelter-in-place locations on the Malibu campus and to coordinate efforts to prevent the loss of life and property. The Southern California wildfires have burned half a million acres, including thousands of acres in and around Malibu, destroying businesses and residences directly bordering the Pepperdine campus.

According to students on campus, Pepperdine sent out five notifications during the first day of the fires. Two of the messages included instructions to students and faculty to relocate from dorms and classrooms and proceed to safe areas on campus. Faculty, staff and students not on campus were urged, at the recommendation of Los Angeles County Fire officials, not to return to campus until the roads leading to the Malibu campus were opened and deemed safe for travel. Pepperdine officials sent out two more messages providing status updates of the fires, urging the population to remain in designated safe areas and asking them to stay calm. A final message was sent out to officially close classes the next day.

Pepperdine initially decided to acquire the 3n InstaCom™ Campus Alert system earlier this year to further strengthen University emergency preparedness. The system was rolled out with the 2007 Fall Semester, and initial testing was completed in time to address the emergency that the Malibu fires created. The 3n InstaCom Campus Alert system enables Pepperdine to communicate with students, staff and faculty in minutes via a number of contact methods -- including native SMS text messaging, almost any voice-enabled device such as cell phones and landlines, instant messaging, pagers, faxes and more -- greatly increasing the likelihood that messages will be delivered and received in a timely manner.

Student response to the use of the 3n system was positive, with many on and off campus commenting that its use gave them confidence that the situation was being handled with the proper attention it deserved. Matthew Fiutem, a senior at Pepperdine, stated, "The notifications that Pepperdine sent kept us informed about what was happening both on and around the campus and told us what we should do to stay safe. They cleared up a lot of confusion and uncertainty in a very stressful situation." According to Andy Conales, Pepperdine's Student Government President, "The student body is pleased with how Pepperdine has handled the Malibu Canyon fires, including how it used the new 3n notification system. Pepperdine contacted everyone quickly, relayed all the important information we needed and kept everyone informed as to what to do and where to go. In the end, Pepperdine kept everyone safe during a very dangerous, large-scale natural disaster."

"The ability to quickly and effectively communicate life-saving information in an emergency is critical to safeguarding the university community during a situation like the Southern California wildfires that threatened Pepperdine's Malibu campus," said Cinta Putra, CEO and co-founder of 3n. "We are pleased that Pepperdine was able to use the 3n InstaCom Campus Alert system to protect its students, faculty and staff during this difficult time."

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