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September 27, 2007 19:12 ET

Perihelion Global CEO John H. Beebe Issues Open Letter to Shareholders; Provides Status Updates and Information on Various Corporate Matters

WILMINGTON, DE and SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - September 27, 2007) - (PINKSHEETS: PHGI)

To All Shareholders,

We have been besieged with calls and emails regarding the unprecedented decline in our stock price. We are not aware of any event that would dramatically devalue our corporation like we've seen in recent days. We wanted to address our shareholders, as a whole, with many recurring questions we receive each and every day.

What is the current share structure?

As of today, there were approximately 97,500,000 common shares outstanding and we have approximately 325,000,000 total authorized shares. In light of recent circumstances, the company has petitioned our transfer agent, American Registrar & Transfer, to exempt their standard public policy of referring shareholders back to the company to confirm the authorized and outstanding shares of their clients. American Transfer & Registrar has consented to this request under the circumstances and can be contacted at 801-363-9065 to confirm the stated outstanding and authorized figures we have disclosed. Additionally, the authorized share reduction can be confirmed by calling the State of Delaware, Secretary of State, at 302-739-3073. Further, we have ordered our NOBO/OBO lists and DTCC reports to obtain an exact public float.

Why did the common shares increase and now decrease?

The company has previously announced that it intended to use stock to perform acquisitions. Some of the transactions were not completed for various reasons, which then required the shares allocated for the transaction to be cancelled. In addition, management has been working to cancel and void common stock where warranted.

What happened to the dividend shares that Vision Works issued last year before the reverse merger with Perihelion?

As we have stated previously, we inherited the share structure of Vision Works when we merged last fall. The management of Vision Works issued a restricted common share dividend to shareholders in the spring / summer of 2006. These shares were subject to the reverse split performed by Vision Works management months prior to the merger with Perihelion Global. By law, these common shares automatically became unrestricted after one calendar year and are now reflected in our current outstanding shares and public float.

Are the Officers, Directors and Management selling the stock issued to them into the market?

No. All officer, director and management stock compensation has been done with restricted stock. All shares issued to the officers, directors and management continue to remain restricted to date. To help alleviate market concerns, these parties have opted to exchange their restricted common stock with restricted preferred stock. Further, all shares owned by the officers, directors and management are held in paper certificate form and are not on deposit with any broker or dealer.

Are any former officers or directors of the company selling stock they were issued?

No. As mentioned above, all stock compensation issued to Perihelion's officers and directors, including all former officers and directors, were issued with a restricted legend. The restriction from selling these shares has not been removed.

Has John H. Beebe sold the shares he acquired as a result of the purchase of Vision Works into the market? (September 2006 acquisition)

No. All of the common and preferred shares John H. Beebe purchased during the initial acquisition of Vision Works were restricted and these shares remain restricted to date. Further, Mr. Beebe has not filed a request or notification with any regulatory body to allow these shares to be resold under Rule-144, and therefore these shares cannot be sold into the market.. All common and preferred shares are held by Mr. Beebe in paper certificate form and are not on deposit with any broker or dealer.

Has John H. Beebe sold the shares he received from the acquisition of the radio stations? (February 2007 acquisition)

No. Mr. Beebe received restricted shares for the radio stations at the time of acquisition. These shares were held in paper certificate form and were not placed on deposit with any broker or dealer. Subsequently, Mr. Beebe elected to cancel these shares and exchange them for a promissory note for $600,000 bearing 1% interest annum.

Are the officers, directors or management selling shares that they have purchased in the open market?

No. Perihelion announced a management buyback program in August 2007 in which officers and directors purchased a total of $20,000 worth of common shares from the open market. To date, all of the Officers and Directors have made formal requests with their brokerages to have the shares purchased in the open market delivered to them in paper certificate form. When received, these common shares are intended to be converted into restricted preferred stock which will be held in paper certificate form.

Are the owners or principals of Saturday Night, LLC selling shares they received into the market? (January 2007 patented gold mine acquisition)

No. All owners and principals of Saturday Night, LLC own restricted preferred shares in the company. These shares remain restricted and are no longer held on deposit or safekeeping with any broker or dealer. All shares of the owners and principals of Saturday Night, LLC are held in paper certificate form.

Are the owners or principals of Meridian Land & Minerals, LLC selling shares into the open market? (April 2007 Box Elder County, Utah 299 acre Land acquisition)

No. The owners and principals of Meridian Land & Minerals, LLC received restricted common shares of the company that were issued with a restrictive legend on them. These shares remain restricted to date and are legally unable to be sold into the market.

Are the owners and principals of the Western U.S. Biofuel Refinery acquisition selling shares into the market?

No. The owners and principals of the Western U.S. Biofuel Refinery have common shares of the company that were issued with a restrictive legend on them. These shares remain restricted to date and are legally unable to be sold into the market.

Has the company conducted any financing or private placement?

The company has raised money and completed acquisitions through shareholder loans (primarily John H. and Lora Beebe), and unsolicited, private Reg D offering to 11 accredited investors. The bulk of the accredited investors in the unsolicited Reg D offerings have requested to receive their shares in restricted preferred stock in lieu of common shares. Additionally, the shares issued at the time of closing the acquisitions of the patented gold mine from Saturday Night, LLC were restricted preferred shares.

If the officers and directors of the company were successful in their past business endeavors, why would they want a public company instead of a private one?

A publicly held company has clear advantages over a privately held company with respect to the ability to raise funds if necessary. Additionally, when a company intends to grow through acquisitions, a public company holds a significant advantage over private company by having the ability to issue stock that already has a documented market valuation. 1

Has any officer or director profited from the decline in Perihelion stock?

No. Further, the officers and directors have not consented for any broker or dealer to allow their shares to be borrowed or loaned for the purpose of shorting the company's stock.

What is the status of the OTCBB shell acquisitions?

We are working on completing the acquisitions. We have repeatedly stated that we require clean, debt free shell candidates that are current in their reporting. We have also announced our intention to not increase our authorized share structure to complete these transactions.

One of the OTCBB shell acquisitions you have signed a Letter of Intent with has recently raised its Authorized Shares since the announcement; will this be the new share structure of the Perihelion-acquired entity?

No. Perihelion management has repeatedly stated that we have no desire to increase our authorized shares to complete these transactions. That means that we will not inherit these companies share structure at the time the acquisition is completed -- they will fit within our structure. Our criteria has been to acquire a clean, debt free, fully reporting shell that will fit within our share structure at the time of the acquisition. 2

Will the company's shareholders be significantly diluted as a result of the acquisition of the OTCBB shells?

While valuable, these are OTCBB shell companies that do not have any assets. Perihelion has very valuable assets that it will bring to any acquisition we complete. We have stated we require between 93-100% equity in any OTCBB shell company we acquire. As stated, these shell companies will come under Perihelion's share structure, not vice versa. Perihelion has the necessary assets to turn shells that do not own any assets into viable, revenue producing entities.

Is the company being shorted? If so, what can we do about it?

The company believes that recent trading volumes far exceed a reasonable calculation of the public float, especially in this sudden, drastic decline over the last few days. While we fully recognize that legal shorting is a normal part of market activity, we believe that the volume of shares being represented as traded at current prices is excessive and deeply concerning.

As to what a shareholder can do if they are concerned, the company recommends shareholders send written communications to their brokerage firm stating that their Perihelion shares are not to be borrowed or loaned out to anyone. Additionally, shareholders should request written and signed communication from their brokerages confirming that their shares are not available to be borrowed or loaned.

When will the company be producing revenues?

The company expects to report revenue by the end of the 4th fiscal quarter in 2007.

What is the status of the biofuel refinery in Alabama?

The biofuel refinery is moving forward as the company had previously announced and is expected to start producing biodiesel at the end of this year. We will start initial production from the refinery we have recently acquired and are relocating to Alabama. The initial production capacity should allow us to fulfill our existing supply agreements with additional production capacity to meet supply requirements as necessary.

What is the status of the radio stations and television station?

We are currently working on our programming and the capability to simulcast live programs over all our affiliated stations. We have been running live on air test broadcasts of this type, simulcasting from various locations. This will allow for additional revenue potential for cross-selling both TV and radio advertising and promotions to local, regional and national advertisers.

What is the status of the gold mine property?

The company has filed for and received a small scale mining permit from the State of Utah and a land right of way from the US Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, which was announced previously. We have completed the construction of the road right of way over federal land to our patented claims. The company has recently identified and mapped 32 additional locations, totaling up to 5 million tons of material, from which we intend to extract both precious and non-precious metals from. We have filed a notice with the State of Utah that includes these new areas with maps and other required documentation to begin this process. We intend to open pit mine these areas, and utilize a heap leach method of recovery on the material mined from these newly mapped areas.

Why does the company not state the value of the estimated reserves in the ground at the mine?

Our auditors and legal counsel have advised us that the company should refrain from giving an exact valuation of the in ground reserves until a formal book valuation for our audited financials is established. Their reasoning is due in part to the assumption that the company is unable to document an exact cost per ounce to extract the precious metals from the ground at this time. Also, to a lesser degree, the written valuation by Certified Professional Geologist John Yellich provided to the company was performed specifically for Saturday Night, LLC and not Perihelion Global. The company did not acquire Saturday Night, LLC, only its patented claims.

What is the status of the Joint Venture the company announced it was negotiating on the mine?

The company has held substantial negotiations with several companies, public and private, both within and outside the USA. At this time, the company does not desire to relinquish controlling interest in its patented and unpatented surrounding claims in a joint venture agreement. To date, the company has not reached a joint venture agreement that it believes will fairly compensate the company.

What is the status of Perihelion Canada?

The company is finalizing the acquisition of the Canadian mining properties as announced and is working on the public listing of its shares.

Does the company still feel comfortable with its business plans?

Yes. Market conditions validate the strategic business markets we have identified and focused on. Weaknesses in the US Dollar and economic concerns have propelled gold to a close of $732.50 per ounce at the close of US trading on Thursday. Over a one year period after the company announced the acquisition of the Saturday Night, LLC mine, gold has appreciated over $130 per ounce. Although the price will naturally fluctuate, the company believes gold will ultimately continue increasing in value over the long-term. As far as oil is concerned, the company believes that it will remain a premium commodity and is unlikely to fall to price levels it enjoyed even a few years ago. Oil is currently $80+; approximately $30 a barrel higher from the time of company's biofuel refinery announcement less than a year ago. A cornerstone of the company's biodiesel strategy is that oil, through both its environmental and economic troubles, will create a significant space for 'greener' fuels to emerge at an extremely competitive price.

About Perihelion Global:

Perihelion Global focuses on the acquisition, development and management of technologies, strategic commodity reserves and assets in the energy, natural resource and communications markets. Perihelion's management team specializes in providing solutions for the strategic challenges of 21st Century. We lead with decades of experience in environments that are mission critical in today's global marketplace: Technology, Energy and Communications.


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