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December 21, 2007 08:45 ET

Perihelion Global Enters Joint Study Agreement With Planet Earth Engineering, LLP and Clemson University

SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL and CLEMSON, SC--(Marketwire - December 21, 2007) - Perihelion Global (PINKSHEETS: PHGI), a development company with interests in natural resources, alternative energies, and advanced communications, today announced that the company has entered into a Joint Study Agreement with Tega Cay-based Planet Earth Engineering, LLP and South Carolina-based Clemson University for biofuel research. The purpose of the agreement is to pursue the production of a cost effective biofuel feed stock that will meet the supply demands of the 21st century without impacting widely consumed food crops.

Clemson University, Planet Earth Engineering, and Perihelion Global have entered into Joint Study Agreement for the production of alternate biofuel feed stock utilizing the Jatropha plant seed. Perihelion Global and Planet Earth Engineering are working with Clemson University to conduct these studies for the use in the biofuel industry. Planet Earth Engineering, LLP has been issued permits from the United States Department of Agriculture to import and cultivate the Jatropha plant seed for this purpose.

Jerry L. Alberts, Senior Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, Clemson University stated, "Today, Clemson University is redefining the term 'top-tier research university' by combining the best of two models: the scientific and technological horsepower of a major research university and the highly engaged academic and social environment of a small college. As the land-grant university of South Carolina, Clemson University desires to create an unmatched climate for collaboration, and a driven, competitive spirit that encourages faculty, staff and students to embrace bold, sometimes audacious goals. Certainly, bio-fuel research is a key area to explore for the economic growth as well as providing stability for our country's fuel resources and economy."

Adds Alberts, "I welcome the opportunity to bring Clemson University, Planet Earth Engineering and Perihelion Global together to continue our research initiatives such as bio-fuel research. Corporate partnerships are key to Clemson University's continued climb to become a Top 20 university. Clemson and its corporate partners understand what it takes to be a top research university and what Clemson's success will mean for students and for society."

Patrick J. LaRive, CEO of Planet Earth Engineering, states, "Jatropha curcas cultivation is very uncomplicated. Jatropha can grow almost anywhere, in wastelands and even in gravelly, sandy and saline soils. It can thrive on the poorest soil and grow in the crevices of rocks. I am very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Perihelion Global and Clemson University on this important new research."

John H. Beebe, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Perihelion Global, states, "In order to ensure our company's long term success we have to be proactive in anticipating the future trends relating to the availability of cost effective biofuel feedstock. As a company, we have to plan and prepare for occurrences of drought, acts of God or other environmental and economic factors that can affect the availability of the current sources of biofuel feed stock. We believe our partnership with Planet Earth Engineering and Clemson University can help ensure our company's future feed stock supply needs. Jatropha has great potential as it is drought resistant, naturally resistant to fungus and pests and it does not compete with food crops, which are a majority of the current biofuel feed stock sources."

Concluded Beebe, "We've seen some of the impacts of using food crops for fuels in Mexico, where harvesting of corn for ethanol created skyrocketing prices for such staple items as tortillas. This had a profoundly negative impact on their citizens. We think it's important that our Opp, Alabama biodiesel plant will use multiple feedstocks which include non-food-grade peanuts, and we continue to seek additional ways to provide energy innovations without sacrificing our critical food supply. We believe the research being conducted on Jatropha through this study agreement will advance our understanding and utilization of this potentially industry-changing fuel source."

Perihelion Global's first biofuel refinery is currently under construction in Opp, Alabama and is slated to begin biofuel production the first quarter of 2008.

About Perihelion Global, Inc.:

Perihelion Global focuses on the acquisition, development and management of technologies, strategic commodity reserves and assets in the energy, natural resource and communications markets. Perihelion's management team specializes in providing solutions for the strategic challenges of 21st Century. We lead with decades of experience in environments that are mission critical in today's global marketplace: Technology, Energy and Communications.


About Planet Earth Engineering, LLP:

Planet Earth Engineering specializes in environmental solutions and Services to various industries. Our primary work is specialized in VOC monitoring, safety, health, security, and prevention of environmental change from Volatile Organic Compounds for our shared Planet Earth. Our goal is offering design, engineering and environmental training, for a cleaner greener Earth. Planet Earth is committed to providing quality environmental, hazardous waste engineering and site remediation services.


About Clemson University:

Vision and Mission

Clemson University first opened its doors in 1889 with a very clear vision: to "be a high seminary of learning in which the graduate of the common schools can commence, pursue and finish the course of studies terminating in thorough theoretic and practical instruction."

Mission Statement

The mission of Clemson University is to fulfill the covenant between its founder and the people of South Carolina to establish a "high seminary of learning" through its historical land-grant responsibilities of teaching, research and extended public service.

Clemson University is a selective, public, land-grant university in a college-town setting along a dynamic Southeastern corridor. The University is committed to world-class teaching, research and public service in the context of general education, student development and continuing education. Clemson's desire is to attract a capable, dedicated and diverse student body of approximately 12,000 to 14,000 undergraduate and 4,000 to 5,000 graduate students, with priority to students from South Carolina.

Clemson offers a wide array of high-quality baccalaureate programs built around a distinctive core curriculum. Graduate and continuing education offerings respond to the professions, while doctoral and research programs contribute to the economic future of the state, nation and world. The University emphasizes agriculture, architecture, business, education, engineering, natural resources, science and technology. The University also promotes excellence in education and scholarship in selected areas of the creative arts, health, human development, the humanities and social sciences. In all areas, the goal is to develop students' communication and critical-thinking skills, ethical judgment, global awareness, and scientific and technological knowledge. Students remain the primary focus of the University.

Just as Clemson values its students, the University also values its faculty and staff who have committed their talents and careers to advance its mission. Clemson pledges to support their work, to encourage their professional development, to evaluate their professional performance and to compensate them at nationally competitive levels.


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