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December 03, 2007 11:00 ET

PersonalBrain® Software Offers No Limits Mind Mapping and Animated Visualization for Ideas, Information and Much More

High Profile User Jerry Michalski Surpasses 84,000 Thoughts in His Digital Brain, Which Is Viewed by Thousands Worldwide

MARINA DEL REY, CA--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - TheBrain Technologies, the leading provider of visualization and dynamic mind mapping software, announced that Jerry Michalski, technology analyst and founder of Sociate, has created a PersonalBrain that has grown to over 84,000 Thoughts.

PersonalBrain helps people link together networks of information including ideas, concepts, files and Web pages in a manner that mimics their own thought processes. Jerry has been using his Brain non-stop for 10 years and puts his "brain" online -- a map of everything he has read, discovered, and thought about plus the links connecting it all.

Jerry's Brain has been viewed by thousands of people over the Internet. His Brain serves many purposes, from helping him organize and capture key concepts and ideas to brainstorming and serving as a virtual Brain and knowledgebase for his clients and peers. Thoughts in his PersonalBrain range from a comprehensive mapping of the technology and venture capital industry to social and philosophical beliefs.

"My PersonalBrain is like my enhanced memory. The software's dynamic interface and linking features makes it fast and simple to capture and visualize critical relationships and ideas that might otherwise be lost in my head," said Jerry Michalski, founder of Sociate. "The fact that there is no limit on the number of Thoughts or associations has given me the freedom to create a context for my ideas and information that is both fluid and dynamic, becoming my own digital identity."

Big Brains for Big Thinkers

Conventional approaches to mind mapping provide two dimensional, static views of topics stored as a single file. PersonalBrain's interface goes beyond 2D by triggering all related content in a proprietary animated display without spatial limitations. This highly scalable interface combined with a robust database backend enables users to dramatically exceed the size and variety of connections made with typical mind maps. An average PersonalBrain consists of thousands of Thoughts. Moreover, users can link information associatively, so one piece of information can fit under many categories and topics. This scalability is also complemented by an "instant activation" search box that takes the user to any Thought in their Brain within seconds.

Bigger Brains with Web based Collaboration

Jerry's PersonalBrain goes on record by TheBrain Technologies as the largest digital brain produced by a single individual so far. TheBrain's Enterprise Knowledge Platform, BrainEKP, which offers web-based collaboration for multiple users and connects to external data sources, has served as the home for brains with millions of Thoughts.

"What is most impressive about Jerry's Brain beyond the sheer size of it is the enhanced understanding that is gained by viewing his Thought relationships," said Harlan Hugh, TheBrain's Chief Technology Officer. "I'm a regular user of his Brain. It's a great resource for all types of people in the technology industry. We're very grateful to Jerry for opening up his Thoughts and ideas to the public. It is an excellent example of the scalability of PersonalBrain software and a testament to a great thinker."

For a live demonstration of Jerry's celebrated Brain, TheBrain Technologies is hosting a Web event with Jerry Michalski on December 4th, 2007 at 10:00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern time:

Inside Jerry's Brain Webinar: Creating and Developing Large PersonalBrains

Topics will include:

--  A fun and lively tour of Jerry's Brain
--  Jerry's favorite and most useful Thoughts
--  Using PersonalBrain for self expression and capturing expertise
--  Tips and best practices for organizing large PersonalBrains
--  Different approaches to creating PersonalBrains

To sign up for the event go to

To navigate Jerry's Brain go to:

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TheBrain® Technologies is the leading provider of visualization and dynamic mind mapping software. TheBrain's Enterprise Knowledge Platform, BrainEKP™, combines a natural language search engine with a compelling visual display of topics so users can see and discover information faster. TheBrain's PersonalBrain™, mind mapping software, helps users see and organize their files the way they think. TheBrain's customers include: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Navy Special Warfare, Tyco, Accenture, Park Nicollet, Medtronic and US Department of Defense. Download PersonalBrain at or e-mail for more information.

About Jerry Michalski

As a guide to the relationship economy, Jerry Michalski (ma-call-ski) helps companies develop strategies that build authentic, productive relationships with their customers as well as among their employees. Jerry's principal consulting clients include the Institute for the Future (IFTF), McKinsey & Company and the Consortium for Service Innovation. He also works with companies such as Target, Procter & Gamble and IDEO. His perspective was formed over 12 years as a technology industry analyst, first for New Science Associates (a company like Gartner) and later writing Esther Dyson's monthly newsletter, Release 1.0. Jerry earned an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA in economics from UC Irvine. For more information on Sociate visit

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