November 19, 2009 18:53 ET

Pet Loss Expert From Offers Tips for Commemorating and Celebrating Your Pet's Life During the Holidays

BREA, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2009) - For those who have lost their pets recently or in the distant past, the holidays can evoke many memories of their pets and can become a very emotional time. According to pet loss expert Colleen Mihelich, rather than pushing these feelings away, people can grieve and remember their pets in a way that celebrates and pays tribute to their lives.

"Allow the bond you shared, cherished memories and love for your departed pet to guide you toward your individual method of remembrance," says Mihelich, founder of, an online community designed to help celebrate the life and friendship of our pets. offers free online pet memorials where pet owners can post heartfelt tributes to their pets. The website also offers pet loss support, information and unique artisan crafted pet memorial products such as pet grave markers, pet urns, custom pet art and much more.

Mihelich, who lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only four years old and several pets thereafter, has found healthy ways to manage her grief. During this holiday season of giving gifts and thanks, Peternity has launched a new program whereby customers can donate 10% of the profits from their purchase to a struggling animal rescue or shelter organization of their choice. Peternity features their monthly choice of struggling rescue or shelter organization that they donate to, on their homepage.

For advice on dealing with the loss of a pet during the holidays, Mihelich provides these pet loss tips:

--  Be sure to spend the holiday with loved ones with you whom you can be
    yourself. It's best not to be alone but it's also important to be able to
    cry or sit quietly if necessary.
--  Choose the book that's helped you through your grieving process most
    and write a dedication in the inside cover to your pet. Donate the book to
    your library.
--  During this holiday season, instead of pushing aside the painful
    emotions that you're feeling stuck in, try allowing yourself to acknowledge
    the way you feel. Minimize your difficult feelings and their power over you
    by expressing them. Write a letter from the heart to your pet, telling him
    all the things you miss about him and how grateful you are for all the
    memories and friendship that he so generously gave.
--  During your holiday meal, place a special candle on your table and
    light it in memory of your pet. She will be with you in spirit and will
    still be included in your holiday celebration.
--  Volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter. It always lifts our spirits
    when we're grieving to take the focus off of ourselves and give to others
    who are in need.

Colleen Mihelich is a pet loss expert who has helped thousands of pet owners celebrate and honor the love they share with their pets. She is also the founder of, an organization dedicated to paying tribute to the lives of our pets -- living and deceased. Mihelich has authored numerous articles dealing with pet loss and offers online resources designed to provide pet loss support for the grieving pet owner. Peternity also provides artisan crafted pet memorial products -- pet urns, pet memorial stones and a wide variety of pet memorial art.

To further explore pet grief support or create a free online pet memorial, visit or 877-738-7322.

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