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April 07, 2010 08:18 ET

Pethealth Inc.: Dog That ate 100 Candles is Pet Insurer's Most Unusual February Claim

Boston-area "Shredder" doesn't know when to quit

HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS--(Marketwire - April 7, 2010) - Pethealth Inc. (TSX:PTZ) – Once upon a time there was an adorable chocolate lab whose name was Prada – until he ate his owner's Louis Vuitton wallet, when she changed his name to Shredder.

Even then, Jules London didn't quite realize what an apt name she'd selected.

The puppy she obtained at nine weeks of age was sweet, loving – and voracious. "He ate everything," says Jules, 32, who lives in Haverhill, 30 minutes outside Boston. "He used to eat all my books ... pillows, whatever he could find. It was the story of our life, every day ... he would even eat metal beer caps and cigarette butts off the ground."

So, while Jules is away each day at her sales job, Shredder – now 3-1/2 – stays in doggy day care. "It's either pay for that, or pay to replace everything he eats," says Jules with a laugh.

But one day, "I was running late for work and I couldn't take him, so I left him at home."

Big mistake.

By the time Jules returned, Shredder had eaten his way through two 50-candle packs of tealights – the kind with metal wicks. "My whole bedroom was just a mess of wax and metal."

Afterward, the lovable labrador appeared to be fine, although "he was pooping candles, literally" for two days, says Jules. "But I knew he'd eaten a lot of metal and I just wasn't comfortable with it."

So she took Shredder to the vet's, where "they did an X-ray and then got him into surgery immediately. It all happened so fast I didn't have time to get upset."

The X-ray had shown 20 metal wicks embedded in Shredder's stomach lining and intestines. Each of the sharp metal pieces had to be removed.

Total bill: $2,547.

Fortunately, Shredder was covered under 24PetWatch insurance. "I'm very grateful for the pet health insurance," says Jules. "That's why I got it, for things like this."

Today, the "very handsome, very sweet" chocolate lab is fully recovered. Shredder, says his proud owner, is "very polite and well-mannered."

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