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October 28, 2009 11:21 ET

Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycles Enhanced With InfoMedics' Feedback Programs

Doctor-Patient Communication Improves Treatment Outcomes, Increases Impact of Pharmaceutical Marketing

READING, MA--(Marketwire - October 28, 2009) - InfoMedics, Inc. has implemented patient feedback programs to improve doctor-patient communication and enhance the impact of marketing programs for biopharmaceutical brands through every phase and challenge of the product life cycle: disease state awareness, early experience, branded launch campaign, growth, mature product and patient compliance.

InfoMedics' doctor-patient feedback programs close the loop between patients and doctors by documenting patients' experiences with prescription drugs and medical devices by providing real-time data to each patient's prescribing doctor.

This information lets doctors know when drugs are working well for their patients and also alerts them to potential issues -- such as a risk of non-adherence -- that can be used as talking points during the next office visit. The process also includes an array of patient education tools, and provides physicians with unique insights about how the drugs they prescribe are affecting their patients.

"With decreasing budgets and increasing regulatory and public scrutiny, pharmaceutical companies need to be more strategic than ever in marketing their brands," said Gene Guselli, president and CEO of InfoMedics. "Over the last 14 years, our patient feedback solutions have consistently proven that they can be applied to tackle a challenge at any point in a product's life cycle and result in positive improvements in the communication between patients and their doctors as well as benefits to the pharmaceutical brand."

The following table includes examples of how patient feedback is applied at each stage of the product life cycle; to receive the case studies on which these examples are based, please visit

                                     of patient   Example
           Goal         Strategy     feedback     program      Impact
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Disease    Raise        Prepare for  Give         Oral         77.9% more
state      awareness    real world   patients     medication   NRx among
awareness  of current   treatment    opportunity  for          participat-
           disease      paradigms    to           migraines    ing
           management   and unmet    communicate               physicians
           challenges   needs        with
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Early      Raise        Provide      Support      Oral         28% increase
exper-     awareness    patient      patient with medication   in NRx
ience      about the    feedback for education;   for
           brand's      every        deliver      Parkinson's
           effective-   prescription branded      disease
           ness                      feedback
                                     to MDs

           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Branded    Generate     Integrate    Support      Oral         426% more
launch     trial and    messaging,   patient with medication   NRx among
campaign   adoption     education    education;   for ADHD     participat-
                        and sales    deliver                   ing physic-
           Develop      detail with  branded                   ians vs.
           brand        patient      feedback                  non-partici-
           loyalty      feedback     to MDs                    pating
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Brand      Sustain MD   Create a     Leverage MD  Eye drop for 73.2% more
Growth     loyalty      tipping      feedback     chronic eye  NRx among
                        point by     loop into    condition    participat-
           Increase     giving       consumers                 ing
           CRM data     MDs          and CRM                   physicians
                        actionable   program
                        data about
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Mature     Motivate     Position     Let patient  Oral         91% of
Brand      patients to  brand as     feedback     contracep-   patients
           stay loyal   leader in    reinforce    tive         intended to
           to brand     patient      unique,                   continue
           prior to     satisfaction positive                  with
           patent                    brand                     brand
           expiration   Support      messages
           Fend off new upgrade from
           competitors  existing
                        to new
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
Patient    Prevent      Tailor       Identify     Oral         17% increase
Adherence  medication   patient      and manage   Medication   in patient
           drop off and support to   barriers to  for high     persistency
           improve      increase     adherence    cholesterol
           outcomes     patient
           ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

These scalable patient-doctor feedback solutions deliver reproducible results which are both impactful and measurable. Typical results include:

--  Positive impact on NRx -
    --  average 62% lift across all programs
    --  average 16% lift in NRx for late stage product
    --  average 163% lift for launch product
--  Increased patient adherence: 17-26% increase in refills
--  Increased brand loyalty: 90% retention of lift over 12 months
--  ROI: average 4:1 across all programs

About InfoMedics, Inc.

InfoMedics, Inc. works with biopharmaceutical marketers to facilitate communication between patients and their doctors by inviting patients to provide feedback about their prescribed treatments directly to the doctor. The goal is to help doctors make more informed choices and enhance the patient care experience.

InfoMedics works with the world's top pharmaceutical companies, to address challenges that arise during the product life cycle. These programs increase brand awareness and loyalty among prescribing doctors and improves adherence among prescribed patients.

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