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December 31, 2007 15:23 ET

Philadelphia Stock Exchange Standardizes on Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to Centralize Operations of Trading Systems

Supports Initiatives for Data Center Consolidation and Efficient Operation of New Applications

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - December 31, 2007) - Tidal Software, a leading provider of application scheduling and performance management software, today announced that The Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) and its subsidiary, The Philadelphia Board of Trade (PBOT) have standardized on Tidal Enterprise Scheduler for job scheduling across their data center. PHLX standardized on the enterprise job scheduler because it provides both the support for diverse systems and the complete job scheduling functionality needed for their data center consolidation and the automation of new applications for trading everything from stocks, options, and futures to currencies.

Founded in 1790, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) was the first securities exchange in the United States. PHLX trades more than 7,000 stocks, 2,639 equity options, 16 sectors index options, options on all major currencies, and futures through its subsidiary, The Philadelphia Board of Trade (PBOT). PHLX's complex business and its goal to respond to the ever-changing needs of the investment community are requiring their data center to become more efficient and to adapt more quickly to business needs. Important changes at PHLX's data center include migration of the mainframe and trading systems to AIX and Linux for more cost efficient deployment. Also targeted was increased efficiency of operations for their new futures trading application.

"Not only are our trading systems moving over to Linux, but our mainframe, which currently does all the back office processing, will be moving as well," said Frank Vain, Manager of Production Support at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. "The concept is to get everything off the big iron and onto more economical servers, spreading the work across multiple servers to get better workflow. The Tidal Enterprise Scheduler will allow us to do that."

"We also are using the scheduler to improve processing of a new futures trading product, PBOT XL," added Vain. "We wanted to empower that application for maximum efficiency. We cannot rely on Daemons and Cron jobs to get our processing done in a timely manner."

For PHLX a scheduling solution was a key foundation for a number of future initiatives. A solution that could meet their broad requirements would help drive efficiency by centralizing control to one point of management and automation. By standardizing on Tidal Enterprise Scheduler as their single enterprise job scheduling solution, PHLX achieves both flexibility and the ability to closely monitor the smallest steps in processing to quickly detect and address problems.

"If inbound transmissions are late coming in from our customers, the scheduler's event based processing waits for the transmission, lets you know they're late, and runs the appropriate processing when they arrive. A Daemon or Cron job may try to run, getting a bad file or not getting a file at all -- you won't necessarily get notified about the problem or what occurred. The Tidal scheduler solves this and can go a step further by paging us when problems happen, and giving us the visibility to contact the customer to ensure that critical processing gets completed," said Vain.

"Another challenge is that we have specific holidays, called bank half holidays, where the banks are closed, but the exchanges are open," Vain continued. "We don't conduct settlement processing on those nights, so our processing solution needs to give us the ability to calendar an alternate schedule to drive a different work flow. With Cron and Daemons we would need to manually change things to do that. Other examples include an early close scenario where the exchange closes early, for example on Christmas Eve. With the Tidal scheduler these kinds of changes are easy."

For many applications, file transfer and integration with FTP servers is a key component to an overall solution. Tidal Enterprise Scheduler not only offers the full range of FTP support, but also provides security models to keep authentication credentials private and to provide full auditing capability of their use to access sensitive systems.

"Our secured FTP servers use jailed accounts -- segregated accounts so the various firms can only see their information. If you try to get into someone else's directory, it just won't let you. But the Tidal Scheduler has the authority to get to all the information," said Vain. "The efficiency comes when a number of transmissions arrive from various firms at the same time -- the scheduler can pick them up, merge them together, and ship them where they need to go. It can also automate the response, sending a transmission back out via the secured FTP server, pushing it straight out to the customer, or dropping it to our e-mail server, depending on the frequency and size of the report and the customer's needs."

Most important to many data center consolidation initiatives is the need for platform flexibility and coverage in a distributed environment. Tidal Enterprise Scheduler offers broad systems and application coverage, running on Linux, Unix, and Microsoft Windows servers, both Oracle and SQL Server databases, and connecting to a broad array of platforms, ERP applications, storage solutions, SOA technologies and web services, and an array of end points including secure FTP, e-mail, and enterprise event notification solutions.

"I have been working with scheduling solutions for many years. There are certain things you expect a scheduler to be able to do -- calendars, days of the week, times, dependencies, events," said Vain. "Even more important is what systems it runs on, what databases it's using, and what things it can connect to. There was no point in considering schedulers on the mainframe or other platform specific solutions. We can't afford to reinvent the wheel every time we move from one platform to another. The Tidal scheduler allows us to move to a solution and not worry about migration later on down the road."

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler offers the scalability needed to service the entire enterprise supporting tens of thousands of job definitions and millions of executions per day. For large environments, Tidal also offers tools to assist in managing the lifecycle of migrating job definitions from development to test to staging and production.

"We will soon have our real time trading feed off the mainframe then will move over smaller pieces that need to be migrated. Our large trading systems run on a proprietary operating system. Those platforms are being gradually converted to Linux and at some point in time the 6,000 commands that are entered a day on those platforms will be put into the scheduler as well. In the future we're looking at how to automate the whole process, something we're really looking forward to with the Tidal solution in place," said Vain.

"The Philadelphia Stock Exchange is a great example of leveraging the scheduler's calendaring, event, and processing capabilities to maintain business service during a transition to achieve a lower cost, more flexible infrastructure," commented Wayne Greene, senior director of product management for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. "Our goal for our customers is to ensure that the scheduler is a valuable foundation not just for migration to distributed systems, but virtualized environments, Web 2.0, and other computing platforms in the future."

In separate news, Tidal Software recently announced general availability of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler 5.3.1 offering new capabilities to further extend the reach of its solution with updated connectivity for Oracle E-Business Suite 12, Microsoft Vista desktop and Windows Server 2008, and SAP 7.0. The offering demonstrates Tidal's ongoing support for standardization of job scheduling across heterogeneous, geographically dispersed, and evolving IT environments.

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The Philadelphia Stock Exchange was founded in 1790. The PHLX trades more than 7,000 stocks, 2,639 equity options, 16 sectors index options and currency options. For more information about the PHLX and its products, visit

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