Phillip Wasserman

April 08, 2007 13:30 ET

Phillip Wasserman Announces Life Insurance College and University Legacy Program Using Life Insurance as a Funding Vehicle

SARASOTA, FLA.--(Collegiate Presswire - April 8, 2007) - Phillip Wasserman, a recognized authority and sought after author and speaker on life insurance and annuities, has announced a new program and subsidiary to allow colleges and universities to fund and endow athletic and educational financial needs through the use of life insurance.

Universities and colleges are looking at funds raised from this type of program to

-- Build new athletic facilities

-- Fund athletic scholarships and more

-- Settle debt

-- Endow academic chairs

-- Fund academic research

-- Build new facilities

"Oklahoma State University and Liberty University are two great institutions which have recently employed this strategy to help raise and endow tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars for their great schools through the use of life insurance from wealth retired benefactors and boosters. I have been contacted by a major university to help them with the same program and believe that I and my affiliates can help great colleges and universities all over America raise money for athletic departments and even schools of medicine, science and business," says Phillip Wasserman, president of Phillip Roy Financial Services. "Because Phillip Roy Financial Services has over 500 top life insurance and financial planning experts working with it nationwide we feel we can service any college or university immediately to help implement a program to raise many millions of dollars and at no cost to the schools."

"Churches have long used life insurance to fund legacies, and we are proud to assist in helping further the cause of education in a new way," according to Phillip Wasserman.

Because the demand for this type of fund raising is so great, Phillip Roy Financial Services is finishing negotiations with one of the largest sports marketing firms in the country to assist in presenting the program to athletic departments of interested schools. Phillip Roy Financial Services has also arranged for top life insurance companies to participate.

Phillip Wasserman is recognized as one of the top authorities on life insurance and annuities, and has been published extensively on both topics.

He is a sought after speaker and speaks to thousands of professionals and layman alike on both subjects annually. Phillip Roy Financial Services is a leading nationwide retirement income planning firm with over 500 affiliates.

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