Photo Violation Technologies Corp.

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.

November 18, 2008 21:16 ET

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ Offers Cities a Solution for Budget Shortfalls

PVT® will increase parking revenues by 5 times or more with city's existing parking spaces

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 18, 2008) - Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ ("PVT®" or "the Company"), a leader in technologically innovative parking solutions is pleased to announce that it's ready to roll out its revolutionary PhotoViolationMeter® parking solution on a commercial basis after completing successful trials in cities across North America. Through these trials, the PhotoViolationMeter® solution has been proven to increase parking revenues by more than 600% by ensuring higher compliance from motorists.

With the current economic environment, cities are struggling with budget deficits and are exploring new potential revenue streams to avoid increasing taxes. PVT® creates new revenues streams for cities and increases the existing parking revenues just by implementing the PhotoViolationMeter® Solution. PVT® offers a solution that will not require any capital investment for the city and will help cities to meet their budget requirements by increasing parking revenues by 5 times or more.

The PhotoViolationMeter® Solution provides cities with a full parking management system encompassing one or all of the following: on-street meters (PVM®), handheld units (PhotoViolationHHU®), free Wi-Fi communication (WiCity®) and a full back end software management system (MeterLink™). Not only will the PhotoViolation solution benefit the bottom line of cities, the parking public will benefit from unique user-friendly patented features such as, the Grace Period™ feature, No-Fine™ feature and the Every Way to Pay™ feature, which increases compliance and usability.

Typically, when cities acquire new equipment of any kind, budget provisions are required. PVT® offers a unique Revenue Share Model, where cities will not have to expend any funds from their budget. PVT® will supply, install, and maintain their parking equipment at zero upfront cost to the city and PVT® will not touch the city's existing parking revenues at all. Only the additional revenue that is generated from the PhotoViolation Solution will be shared. PVT® will maintain and support all their equipment.

To further assist cities PVT® also offers a free Wi-Fi network wherever the meters are installed. This will help to attract people to businesses in the downtown core and offers a great benefit to the people of the city. The increase in business will result in a significant increase in tax revenue for cities.

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ is a private Canadian corporation, with subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia that has developed a patented, technologically innovative parking meter system - the PhotoViolationMeter®. Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ has successfully forged relationships with Fortune 500 companies and global suppliers such as IBM, Cisco, and Honeywell. These relationships ensure the future success of Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ on a global scale. Photo Violation Technologies Corp.™ is proud to be working with these partners to develop the most sophisticated parking system. Together we are Revolutionizing the Parking Industry® by Perfecting How People Park® through the PhotoViolationMeter® solution. Visit our website for more details on our company.

For more information on how the PhotoViolationMeter® solution can increase your city's parking revenues by 5 times or more, please visit or contact our Sales Manager Gina Min.

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