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November 27, 2007 08:05 ET

PickLogic Investment Fund Sees 32 Percent Growth in 2007

Lucrative Alternative Investment Method Giving Stock and Real Estate Markets a Run for the Money

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 27, 2007) - How are your stock market and real estate investments doing these days? Pioneering investors are shunning traditional funds for an easy and entertaining way to realize long-term growth. PickLogic, a lucrative alternative investment approach, is celebrating its Web site redesign by disclosing the service's excellent track record, including 32 percent returns since the beginning of the year. With a proven history of year-to-year gains, the profitable system gives anyone the power to earn a consistent, positive return on their investment activities.

Leveraging professional sports events and a unique mathematical process, PickLogic is insulated from economic and market trends, like those seen in stock or bond investments. The system effectively manages client risk levels and provides the necessary discipline to be successful. PickLogic mathematically analyzes and determines appropriate actions, based on historical and current information, and provides clients with recommended daily selections.

The new PickLogic site enhances the current offering by providing clients with improved daily result tracking, an updated user interface and a more intuitive registration and management console to track progress quickly and easily.

"This isn't for gamblers," says PickLogic's Bennett Fisher. "The method is based on statistical probabilities, with the focus on avoiding lengthy losing streaks. As a result, our clients have experienced consistent earnings and we've shown a positive monthly return in all but two months since the initial launch of the site in April 2005."

PickLogic offers investors the following benefits:

--  Easy-to-follow system (requires less than a few minutes each day).
--  No minimum balance (all clients, big or small, are charged the same
--  Proven, consistent results (the site lists daily results since the
    site's inception).
--  Less risk than stocks and bonds (with a greater return on investment).

A PickLogic membership is $49 per month. For those who aren't yet convinced, PickLogic is now also offering a free one-month membership with no credit card required. Curious investors can sign up for this one-month trial to see the benefits of full membership for themselves at no cost.

About PickLogic

PickLogic is an easy and fun way to earn significant passive income. The site offers an alternative investment method with a 2 1/2-year proven track record of consistent and strong financial gain, using sports gambling as the medium. The PickLogic investment market is not affected by market swings or recessions and does not rely on outside influences or a single event, resulting in consistent gains year-to-year. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, visit

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