Coldmatic Refrigeration by De Castris

Coldmatic Refrigeration by De Castris

June 12, 2009 14:10 ET

Pierre De Castris Saves Coldmatic Refrigeration and Canadian Jobs

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 12, 2009) - Pierre De Castris is a Canadian Entrepreneur who found courage and determination to save Coldmatic Refrigeration and many Canadian jobs.

Pierre De Castris has been in the refrigeration business for over 40 years. He recently took over the Coldmatic Group of Companies and has successfully turned it around, not only keeping many jobs alive, but also opening up more opportunities for Canadians. Coldmatic Refrigeration was established in 1947 and Coldmatic by De Castris is now the parent company for product lines such as General, Coldstream, Foster, Oryx, IFI, Tecnodoor, and the well-known, 100-year-old company, Clark Doors.

Pierre De Castris is one entrepreneur who is keeping Canadians working. He may not be able to help the whole country, but every single person who he has kept working in today's times is a blessing. When the News, and other forms of media, take a lot of air time emphasizing the hard times and companies that are having problems or closing down, it's refreshing to hear of the ones that are saved and successful.

Pierre De Castris is thankful to all Canadians that support Canadian companies because Canadians buying Canadian products allows people like Pierre to keep Canadians working.

"The success of Coldmatic by De Castris is Canadian company based on a simple premise: work hard and work smart." Coldmatic by De Castris rose from a regional, relatively minor player in the industry to that of a successful international competitor. Together, the Coldmatic by De Castris team has analyzed the opportunities in the marketplace and responded effectively and efficiently to contribute their innovative expertise and quality to the industry.

Coldmatic by De Castris has become a leader in providing bakeries, convenience stores, supermarkets and fast food markets with precision-made, temperature-controlled merchandisers, coolers and freezers. Coldmatic by De Castris' Walk-in Cold Room coolers and freezers are custom designed and built to customer's specific space and temperature requirements. Quality and service has given Coldmatic by De Castris the profound success they have earned.

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