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October 04, 2005 09:00 ET

Pilot Software Announces New Strategy Consulting Partners Bristen Consulting, Inflection Point Solutions, Leadership Science, The M Company, Performance Metrics, UpRight Marketing and VitalX

Newest Members of Ecosystem Help Organizations Quickly Create or Refine Strategy, Then Translate Into Effective Execution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 4, 2005 -- Pilot® Software, the original provider of operational performance management solutions, today announced the addition of new strategy consulting partners Bristen Consulting, Inflection Point Solutions, Leadership Science, The M Company, Performance Metrics, UpRight Marketing and VitalX. Specializing in helping organizations quickly create or refine strategy, Pilot's new strategy consulting partners provide a critical jump start for organizations embarking on a performance management program.

Whether an organization has an existing strategy needing refinement or requires help building one from the ground up, Pilot's strategy consulting partners ease the process. "Strategy development need not be daunting; many organizations, whether they realize it or not, already have the foundation of a strategy and primarily need help articulating and formalizing it," said Corey Williams, director, Inflection Point Solutions. "Whatever their situation, we help them quickly focus their attention on the key issues."

In addition to helping solidify strategy, Pilot's strategy consulting partners work with customers to translate that strategy into effective execution -- a critical challenge that few organizations have conquered. In fact, as industry experts increasingly cite effective execution of strategy as a critical core competency for organizations of all kinds, most still struggle to drive strategic execution throughout their organizations. Research shows that less than 5% of an organization -- including as few as half of managers -- believe they have clear understanding of organizational strategy, especially their role in making it happen.

Pilot Software's partnership program is designed to address this pervasive and unmet market need. "By combining Pilot's leading operational performance management software with the talents of our strategy consultant partners, Pilot offers customers complete performance management solutions that can be rapidly and effectively deployed to make strategic execution a reality for an increasing array of targeted applications," said Larry Scroggins, vice president, business development at Pilot. "This dramatically lowers the barriers to rapid deployment."

"Pilot fulfills a need that has not been adequately addressed elsewhere in the marketplace," said Alan Thompson, director, The M Company. "Once we've worked with clients to hone strategy, most solutions fall short on addressing that strategy in a manner that contributes directly to its execution. Pilot Software delivers a solution that allows organizations to effectively align their resources toward execution of the corporate strategy. What's more, these benefits can be accomplished within a reasonable timeframe without the large capital outlays frequently associated with many solutions."

To learn more about the Pilot's partner program, visit the Partners section of To learn how to become a Pilot Software partner, please call (650) 230-2848 or email

About Bristen Consulting

Bristen is trusted advisor to high-performance organizations providing management and technology solutions to strengthen our clients' competitive position, improve profitability and increase valuation. The company's mission is to educate organizations on its proprietary OPTIMIZE!™ methodology and provide the process, technology and functional expertise to enable organizations to create value in a highly competitive economy. More information can be found at

About Inflection Point Solutions

Inflection Point Solutions (IPS), a leading provider of strategic IT consulting services and packaged software implementation, provides performance management solutions to utilities, cities, and local and state governments nationwide. IPS' comprehensive performance management process enables an organization to reduce risk, increase efficiency, promote accountability, and drive performance. IPS professionals have a thorough understanding of operational practices and technology integration, which allows an organization to get the most meaningful use out of the knowledge contained in its information systems. More information can be found at

About Leadership Science

At Leadership Science, LLC, its business is to help companies succeed through effective leadership practices. Even if a firm has the right strategy and the right capabilities, it still needs people doing the right things to realize the business' potential. Leadership Science understands the links between strategy, leadership and results; they are experts at using the tools of leadership to build momentum in its clients' business. Using the latest research and technology, Leadership Science has developed an affordable, easy-to-use, Web-based service to measure, analyze and provide real-time reporting on how well leadership is creating value throughout organizations. More information can be found at

About The M Company

The M Company serves at the behest of its clients to collaborate and facilitate bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Its differentiator? The M Company uses clients' organizational DNA -- the intangible assets that comprise 75% of an organization's valuation -- with its structured methodology to optimize business process and performance execution. Phased execution of its approach allows organizations to proof the methodology, thereby minimizing risk while experiencing gain. The M Company's differentiators run deeper than the methodologies utilized in facilitating solutions for clients; core principles guide its approach during any engagement. The M Company accepts the following engagements within the public and private sectors: strategy planning and mapping; organizational alignment; Balanced Scorecard; targets, metrics and initiatives; business process improvement; discovery process; requirements development; scope of work development; and project management. More information can be found at

About Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics is a professional services firm that helps mid-market companies successfully translate corporate strategy into revenue growth and profitability. The company delivers practical performance management solutions in critical and complex areas such as sales, customer service, and internal communication. Because of the company's focus on operational alignment, Performance Metrics impacts both near-term and long-range objectives. Its customers will improve next quarter's bottom line and their company's ability to accomplish strategic and financial objectives over the long-term. Performance Metrics' clients are executives with a combination of vision and leadership that transcends the typical "more-better-different-harder" approach to performance improvement. Through the results Performance Metrics produces, its client organizations embrace proactive change as essential to success in a dynamic and competitive world. More information can be found at

About UpRight Marketing

UpRight Marketing consultancy helps high-tech companies build long-term value for customers and stakeholders. UpRight provides marketing strategy, customer development and communications services that systemically achieve profitability, brand equity, and market share goals. Clients with time and resource constraints rely on UpRight's holistic marketing methods and tools to maximize results. Wherever results are described as "up and to the right," UpRight delivers. More information can be found at

About VitalX

VitalX is a leading management training and consulting firm specializing in the application of Business Performance Engineering -- a data-driven, cause-and-effect methodology which incorporates the most powerful and proven process improvement tools, including Balanced Scorecard, Lean and Six Sigma. VitalX helps companies navigate the complex linkages that exist between strategy and execution with this holistic approach to business metric development, tracking and improvement. Using this approach, organizations can develop the strategy, determine the score, discover the solution -- discover the VitalX. More information can be found at

About Pilot Software

The only dedicated performance management provider to be named to the 2004 DM Review 100 and a finalist in the 2005 Codie Awards, Pilot is the leader in operational performance management solutions for customer operations, public sector, and Web channel organizations. The culmination of more than 15 years of development and industry expertise -- starting with the first-ever performance management solution deployed -- Pilot's patent-pending solutions dramatically improve performance by rapidly aligning day-to-day execution with strategic objectives. Pilot's operational alignment framework includes software components for strategy plans and pathways; initiative management and prioritization; scorecards and dashboards; reports and ad hoc analysis; and modeling and integration. Customers include Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation, American Heart Association, The Boeing Company, Coors Brewing Company, General Services Administration, Health Net, Ingersoll-Rand, JetBlue, Pacific Life Insurance, Sarasota County Government of Florida, and®.

Pilot Software is privately held with funding from Excelsior Venture Partners III, LLC, a private equity fund managed by U.S. Trust; G-51 Capital, a Texas-based venture capital firm; and individual investors, including management team members. More information is available at

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