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September 28, 2009 07:34 ET

Pin Up Turned Dance-Floor-Diva Samantha Fox & Superstar DJ Marc Mysterio Kickoff USA Radio/TV Interview Tour Today in Kansas City to Begin Their Mission to Help Save Dance Music in America...

...and Announce New Record "Tomorrow (Is Another Day)"

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 28, 2009) -

Samantha Fox is back! 'Dance-Floor-Diva',says 1010 WINS-AM!

Sam's got "butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks about her new hit "Tomorrow" by Superstar DJ/Producer Marc Mysterio (Pre-Release-Out-Now Exclusively on Beatport), the same feeling she had when "Touch Me" was about to break big in the '80s" reports AP/UPI.

Monday, they'll (Samantha/Marc) kick-off a Month-Long TV/Radio Interview Tour!

Fox has just been interviewed on high-profile dance-music-blog Beatportal (operated by Denver-based Beatport, the world's leading digital-retailer for dance-music), on how dance-music has evolved globally as the new pop, as a result of the emergence of the DJ/PRODUCER as the artist/name/face/star attached to a dance-song - not the singer - while citing how Bob Sinclar transformed dance-music in Europe to Pop, and the American-Media's failure to report on the emergence of The DJ/PRODUCER as a Star/Artist has devastated dance-music in America:

"I"m really looking forward to this Radio-Tour with Marc. Obviously to speak about our hit 'Tomorrow', but also help America understand that in dance music, in-2009, the DJ/PRODUCER must be the Artist/Face/Star of a dance song like singers in pop", says Fox.

She continues,"I understand this maybe a bit controversial OR awkward coming from a singer, but internationally, BBC DJ's like Pete Tong or Judge Jules say "Here's the new Marc Mysterio or Bob Sinclar song". It's understood that they are the artist/the face/the star of their song - although they're not the singer. In USA, the media/industry don't accept them as such!"

Marc Mysterio notes, "Remember Santana's hit "Smooth", his guitar would speak to you! Santana got the artistic fame from that tune, even though he wasn't the singer. The DJ/Producer in Dance is likewise the artist/star in dance songs they produce/write/perform (i.e., Santana to "Smooth" as Marc Mysterio to "Tomorrow")!"

In the 80s, club music was different. DJ's didn't have the technology to manipulate sounds with loops or software to-remix-on-the-fly live. Since then, DJ/Producers have had massive crossover instrumental hits. "So, adding a vocal becomes just another instrument.", says Fox.

"When I go clubbing, I want to dance. Dance-music is about the song/vibe of the music. The vocals, mine included, are only another instrument utilized by the DJ/Producer. It's the beat/sounds that matter most - the performance/production by the DJ/Producer!"

Some people say, 'In America, you need a singer to be a face of a dance song or people won't get it.', Bullcrap! People get it internationally! DJ/PRODUCERS are pop-icons there! It's about time that a singer stood up and told America to WAKE-UP!"

"Bob Sinclar saved dance in Europe, and I'm here to help Marc Mysterio save it in America!", Samantha concludes.

DJs Nation-wide now have an ear-to-ear smile knowing that an icon has just unexpectedly/selflessly sided with them.


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