SOURCE: William Benson Group, LLC

April 06, 2010 07:37 ET

Pioneer Water Systems, LLC Atmospheric Water Vapor 'Collider' Makes a New Water Source Available

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 6, 2010) - Pioneer Water Systems, LLC, NUW (Nations United Water) Infinity Water Machines make 7 gallons to 4000 gallons of NEW water per day per machine. PWS patented systems' machines are non-polluting, can be run on solar, wind, water (or diesel) generated electricity and maintenance is minimal. Pioneer Water Systems, LLC, formed by William Benson Group, LLC, Chairman, Tyche Capital Fund Senior Manager, William Benson joining Pioneer Technologies, LLC, CEO, Tito Castillo, is changing how the world obtains, produces and experiences water in answer to the Global Water Crisis.

These Atmospheric Water Machines were featured in Business Week in December 2009 as #1 of 25 Products that might change the world (OEM brands), on CNBC Asia in 2004 and at the Emmy's in 2007. Pioneer Water Systems' patented processes actually draw water from the atmosphere, precipitate the vapor and cleanse it with UV light and Ozone to produce a New Source of Water -- not recycled. The Infinity Water machines and processes not only provide clean, safe water, but can clean up toxic environments, ground water and produce a new source of water for the health, food and manufacturing industries worldwide. The Atmospheric Water Vapor Collider sounds "nuclear" yet it is just making water vapor hit enough cold to become 'rain'=WATER; simple GREEN science.

To date companies on CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Wired News, NPR, Investor's Business Daily, Stars and Stripes, etc. have "claimed" to "make water" using reverse osmosis, which just recycles the same 5% of water we have used for millennia ( The result of years of expertise (subverted by patent infringements, distributor failings, manufacturing plant issues, and competitors' false marketing ploys) is Pioneer Water Systems, LLC, (NUW), Infinity Water Machines -- direct access, no more middlemen.

Tito Castillo has three decades of experience and expertise as a Chemical Engineer, Water Industry Expert, Manufacturer, and is the Atmospheric Water Vapor Condenser Technology patent holder and William Benson, Global Finance, Marketing, and Media Magnate joined together in this Humanitarian, Governmental, and Philanthropic Pioneer Water Systems venture. Benson's expertise is multifaceted, unique strategies to optimize exposure in Global Business, Health, Sports and Entertainment arenas through Media will bring Infinity Water Machines pure, clean water and products to the forefront of Disaster Relief, Green Manufacturing, Commercial & Consumer marketplaces.

Pioneer Water Systems has been invited to tour Haiti by Ambassador Joseph and His wife, Lola Poisson-Joseph. Pioneer Water Systems processes can form the basis of new economic development through industrial growth, improvements in healthcare and sanitation, educational involvement, and relieving or reorganizing overtaxed, even non-existent infrastructures. World governments including Haiti, Dubai, Trinidad, African Nations, UAE and the US are in various stages of discussions with the owner(s) of Pioneer Water Systems. Pioneer Water Systems owners have over 40 years combined experience in water industries, global finance, manufacturing, marketing, myriad business and government contracts, including Forbes 100 that agree with their socially-responsible bottom line ethics. Major manufacturers like Pepsi, Coke, Starbucks, GM, Ford, DuPont and others can look forward to becoming self-sufficient in their water usage and "green" in a time and cost effective manner with Pioneer Water Systems, LLC.

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