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03 déc. 2007 23h59 HE

Plan for major reduction of Canadian CO2 emissions outlined in industry report

CALGARY, AB (December 3, 2007) — A new industry report released today details the measures necessary to implement a large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) system in Canada. The proposed system is this country's single largest greenhouse gas reduction opportunity, with the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20 million tonnes annually, the equivalent of removing four million cars from the road.

The report, Carbon Capture and Storage: A Canadian Environmental Superpower Opportunity, was prepared by the ICO2N group of companies. ICO2N represents a cross-section of leading Canadian industrial companies, including Suncor Energy, which are committed to helping Canada meet its climate change objectives while supporting economic growth.

The proposed Integrated CO2 Network (ICO2N) targets large sources of industrial CO2 emissions in Alberta including coal-fired electrical generation and energy production. It takes advantage of the close proximity of these large emitters to secure geological formations.

The approach outlined in the ICO2N report allows Canada to address the global climate change challenge while continuing to use its extensive coal reserves for power generation, and permits continued growth in petroleum based energy production with lower CO2 intensity.

The network would move CO2 captured from multiple sites via pipeline, both to buyers who will inject it into mature oil fields to increase resource productivity — a process called enhanced oil recovery — and for permanent storage in depleted oil and gas reservoirs.

The ICO2N report puts CCS in a Canadian context while outlining the benefits of this transformative technology. It also details the economics of CCS in Canada, and discusses the public policy framework necessary to move the large-scale implementation of CCS forward.

"The growing public awareness of the climate change challenge is translating into a strong desire for more information on solutions and technologies like CCS," says Stephen Kaufman, Chair of the ICO2N Steering Committee.

"This report is designed to create greater public awareness of CCS and the significant role we believe it should play as part of Canada's climate change response."

Copies of the report and supporting materials are available online at For interviews with ICO2N Steering Committee Chair Stephen Kaufman, please contact Alan Roth at Communica Public Affairs in Calgary at (403) 263-6830 ext 221. Mr. Kaufman will be available for interviews and media commentary Monday December 3 and Tuesday December 4.


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