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June 18, 2010 11:10 ET

Planet Antares Scam Solutions: Avoiding Home Repair Scams, Part 1

Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring Them for Your Next Home Repair Job

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) -  Whether you're an investor or an owner, Planet Antares Scam Solutions knows just how much you value your investment. Given that your business and your home are valuable investments, proper home maintenance is key. Since most of us lack proper home repair skills, we need to contract out, but as in any industry, there are those who look to scam the uninformed. As a way to combat home repair scams, Planet Antares Scam Solutions has developed a checklist to consider before you hire a contractor for home repairs so that you do not get taken by home a repair scam.

  • Was the contractor referred? If not, you can find a contractor through your local building supply stores or check with The National Consumer Law Center.
  • Does the contractor have other jobs you can see or referrals you can call? 
  • Is the company accredited or does the contractor have a license?
  • Is the company/contractor listed in the telephone book?
  • Where does the contractor obtain his materials? 
  • What quality material will the contractor use?
    • You may want to call the contractors supply store to obtain credibility of the contractor. If the company/contractor has bad credit, you may not want to use them.
  • Did the contractor have extra materials from prior job that he is trying to sell you? If so, you may get scammed on material too.
  • Do they offer a contract ahead of time?
    • Have the job description detailed in writing, including the cost for the repairs or remodeling first.
  • Is the repair really urgent?
    • If not, make sure you do as much research as you can.

Please remember, there are many very reputable home contractors available, so make sure you choose someone who will answer your questions favorably. 

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