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June 16, 2010 18:22 ET

Planet Antares Scam Solutions: How to Avoid Automotive Repair Scams

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2010) -  Many automotive mechanics are looking for the same thing we are -- to get paid. Most of them do it legally but some of them do not. As an entrepreneur or consumer, Planet Antares Scam Solutions knows how important your vehicle is to your business. So, to protect you against these possible automotive scams, Planet Antares Scam Solutions offers some tips on how to avoid potential automotive repair scams.

1. When leaving for a long trip or when traveling to a remote area, get a pre-trip checkup by a mechanic you trust. Many mechanics on the road are known as "highway bandits," those that try to take advantage of travelers. Many of these mechanics use underhanded tricks like slashing tires, cutting hoses, faking oil or gas leaks, and even snipping belts. These "bandits" take advantage of your literally not having any other place to go without potentially causing irreparable damage to your vehicle or hefty towing costs.

2. Make sure to carefully read written repair estimates. Planet Antares Scam Solutions strongly recommends that you view the invoice in detail. Some auto mechanics are infamous for leaving the estimated repair cost field blank on a written estimate, having the victim sign, then quoting a different price once the car is finished. It seems legal because you signed the paper, so make sure to read carefully.

3. Find a mechanic you trust. Locally, you'll find numerous people who know someone who is a mechanic. These people are usually your friends and coworkers, people that you trust. Trust your friends and rely on their previous experience. If you don't know an actual mechanic, bring someone who is car-savvy with you to the repair shop so the mechanics there don't try to take advantage of you. More often than not, if you bring along someone who looks like they know what they're talking about, underhanded mechanics will likely not even try.

4. Do your research about your local repair shop. Make sure your shop is registered with your state before you take your car there. Each state government has files of complaints against each repair shop. Also use websites such as Kudzu to check ratings and reviews from others who have used the repair shop before.

5. Get multiple estimates from multiple shops. This one's easy. Go around from shop to shop, most of them offer free diagnostics. Find the best price and the mechanic most willing to give you a written estimate for his work.

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