SOURCE: Plateau Mineral Development, Inc.

December 01, 2008 08:30 ET

Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. Announces Completion of the Compressor Station

WINSTON-SALEM, NC--(Marketwire - December 1, 2008) - Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PMDP) along with its partner, Plateau Mineral Development LLC, announces the completion of the compressor station mechanical plumbing set up. The last remaining task is to have Kingsley Compression deliver and tie-in the electrical controls.

Likewise, the support plumbing for the chiller plant is in place and the plant has been ordered. Delivery is scheduled for the third week in December 2008. The purpose of the chiller plant is to turn certain gases into liquid and remove them from the stream. Those gases are primarily propane, butane, ethane and some of the heavier gases such as the family of "c-tanes" and pentanes. After separation and removal of these gases, the remaining gases will be sold at top market prices with the pro rata share of the revenues being disbursed with the gas revenues. In fact, 81% of the total gas stream produced is methane which represents the primary product to be sold at market.

Robert Matthews, President of Plateau Mineral Development, states, "PMD is fortunate that the quality of the gas from our leases contains no carbon dioxide (CO2) or hydrogen-sulfide (H2S), and only 2.6% Nitrogen (N2). The presence of too high a percentage of inert gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen, is unacceptable and would cause the automatic safety monitor system controls to close the main valve at the tap. Any hydrogen-sulfide would also cause the safety monitor system to close the valve. PMD has a cost-effective treatment option available should any hydrogen-sulfide appear and has created an easy connection for a treatment unit if it is ever needed."

About Plateau Mineral Development, Inc.

Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. specializes in the exploration and development of gas and oil fields. Currently it is concentrating its efforts in Morgan County, Tennessee. Its partner, Plateau Mineral Development LLC, has been in existence for over five years with successful new wells and rework wells selling both gas and oil. Its current priority is to complete its compressor station to sell its gas production more consistently at top market prices through its own tap (the Morgan #4) for direct sales at top market prices. The project is scheduled for initial production in November 2008.

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