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September 12, 2005 13:31 ET

Post-Hurricane Katrina Safety -- Crucial Precautions to Prevent Illness and Disease

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2005 -- Hurricane Katrina has left a health safety crisis in its wake. Disease is the newest, deadly enemy.

The stagnant, polluted floodwaters overrunning New Orleans and its surrounding areas are host to dangerous amounts of bacteria, viruses and toxins. The waters are already taking lives and the number of victims continues to grow.

People exposed to these waters face an ominous variety of health risks including: E-coli, West Nile Virus, Hepatitis and possibly even Malaria. But medical and health professionals maintain there are ways for workers and storm victims to protect themselves from serious illness.

From avoiding tap water to flushing out open cuts and obtaining flu vaccines, pathologist and microbiologist Jared Schwartz, MD, PhD, FCAP spells out the crucial steps exposed people must take to ensure their safety from disease.

    Sound on tape:
--  Jared Schwartz, MD, PhD, FCAP/Pathologist, Microbiologist
--  New Orleans floodwaters & home destruction
--  Rescue workers & evacuees
--  Pathology lab workers
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