February 09, 2006 07:00 ET

Post-Valentine's Day... 'Love Thyself' Stress-Healing Education: Author, Amy Botwinick Hits Borders Books, Aventura, February 16TH, 2006

AVENTURA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 9, 2006 -- The word 'divorce' with Valentine's Day in the same breath usually makes divorced women cringe. Whether currently separated or many years past the divorce process, stress and holidays seem to go together. Divorced, single mother of two, 12-year Chiropractor-turned-first-time-author of "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DIVORCE: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After," will appear at Borders Books (19925 Biscayne Blvd. * Aventura, FL 33180) on February 16th, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. with 'Love Thyself' Stress-Healing Education. Botwinick will show women how to literally take the 'stress off your back' and out of your relationships -- whether you're in a stressed relationship, going through a divorce, or post-divorce.

"I want to help women 'heal and deal' and get their mind set for the ultimate empowering motivational strategies for better emotional, psychological, physical health and safety. Well-being is essential to the healing process in order to actually have your 'happily ever after' to take on your new journey for yourself and your children," states Botwinick.

On a mission to help women become armed with education and information, Botwinick is an advocate for safe sex, as a part of the 'health education' while promoting her book as part of her determination to provide public outreach. She has survival tips, resources, and a 'continuation' of her book with helpful information, on her website, Book and product sales on Botwinick's website result in a portion of the proceeds going to victims of domestic violence and women's shelters. Women helping women. Sisterhood for a cause.

Botwinick additionally has a network on -- over 500 women strong in just a couple of months. She invites women to join the network, exchange, share, and seek support. Her blog has received much attention and has provided women with a chance to help one another.

From her outreach to women -- who are in need of a great resource tool for legal preparation, direction, emotional support, parenting, new relationships, safe sex, and the 'journey' that comes with rediscovery and moving forward with a new life, Botwinick hopes to make a difference.

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