September 27, 2005 09:00 ET

Power Architecture Technology Accelerating Beyond IBM

New Members Announced as Standards Body Takes Form at Summit in Shanghai, China

SHANGHAI, CHINA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 27, 2005 -- At a members' conference in Shanghai, China today, -- an organization dedicated to accelerating collaborative innovation on Power Architecture™ technology -- said that new membership and product development by member companies had exceeded first year expectations. Organization officials credited the growth to the collaborative innovation approach fosters among members, in addition to advances made in Power Architecture technology itself.

The Shanghai conference was attended by members and numerous technology and manufacturing companies from throughout Asia and the Middle East. New members announced today, included:

--  CipherOptics -- a leading provider of data security solutions.
    Organizations worldwide including Fortune 10 companies, top-tier
    international financial institutions, healthcare providers and government
    agencies, rely on CipherOptics to secure their data communications.
    CipherOptics solutions provide security through granular access control and
    encryption, plus superior data integrity.
--  CriticalBlue -- a provider of design solutions for accelerating
    software in embedded microprocessor applications.  Working directly from
    the executable code of the main processor, the revolutionary Cascade
    solution synthesizes an optimized and programmable coprocessor to execute
    key software functions which are offloaded from the main processor.
    CriticalBlue therefore offers system and semiconductor design companies
    with flexible, automated embedded system design solutions that can meet the
    increasing performance, area, power, and cost demands of embedded software
    processing across a wide range of application sectors.
--  Genesi -- Genesi is a leading provider of PowerPC®  computing
    products. Genesi's OpenFirmware (IEEE1275) compliant PegasosPPC family is
    designed to bring PowerPC technology, flexibility, and efficiency to the
    desktop, home entertainment, netcom, low-end server and pervasive customer
    segments at an affordable price.
--  Mentor Graphics -- a technology leader in electronic design automation
    (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that can enable
    companies to develop advanced electronic products faster and more cost-
    effectively. The company offers innovative products and solutions to help
    engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly
    complex worlds of chip and board design.
--  Silicon Application Corporation -- Taiwan-based SAC Group is a
    services provider in the semiconductor supply chain.  With business
    operations in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, SAC serves as both
    distributor for semiconductor suppliers as well as a provider of technical
    support, design-in, total solutions and storage services to its clients.
--  Tehuti Networks -- a fabless semiconductor company with offices in
    Israel and the United States that develops solutions-on-a-chip (SoC) for
    accelerating TCP/IP processing. The solutions can improve processing
    performance and provide significant cost benefits to original equipment
    manufacturers and IT users.
--  Terra Soft Solutions -- Since inception in 1999, Terra Soft has
    maintained a singular focus on Power Architecture technology and the Linux
    OS, providing turn-key integrated solutions for home, office, and mission
    critical environments. With an expertise in high performance computing,
    Terra Soft maintains clients in the Departments of Energy and Defense, and
    working relationships with IBM, Freescale, Mercury, Momentum, and Curtiss
    Wright for systems bring-up, seamless code migration from host to target,
    and collaborative customer support.
--  Virtutech -- a leading provider of full system simulation technology
    for the development and testing of software for advanced electronic
    systems. Virtutech's technology provides the foundation to move software
    development from being based around unwieldy and often non-existent
    hardware to being based on a programmer-friendly simulation environment
    running on every programmer's desktop.
"What started only months ago as a consortium of companies driving innovation on Power Architecture technology, has become a fully functioning standards body, supporting openness and collaborative innovation around new products and systems," said Nigel Beck, chairman, "The rapid growth of the movement provides a glimpse at the possibilities that exist when breakthrough technology is made truly open and accessible to all." Members Advance Technology Architecture Across Industry

Cadence Design Systems today announced the availability of a comprehensive set of services for SoC designers embedding Power Architecture technology, including a new custom-synthesized design approach. Developed in close collaboration with members, the custom-synthesized approach advances PowerPC® portability in customer segments such as consumer and networking.

Also today, new member Genesi announced its intention to develop a dual PowerPC 970MP based platform to be designated as the "Open Server Workstation" directed at the numerous PowerPC development communities that have been fostered around Genesi's successful Open Desktop Workstation. The Open Desktop Workstation was recently reviewed and awarded a 5/5 by Linux User and Developer Magazine.

Technical Committees Formed; Lay Foundation for Power Collaboration also announced today the formation of five technical subcommittees to enhance development opportunities around Power Architecture technology.

The subcommittees include:

--  Power Architecture Platform Requirements
--  High Volume Server Reference Platform
--  Storage SMB Reference Platform
--  SoC Design Hierarchy
--  Bus Architecture
New Power Cores Enable Unparalleled System/Device Development Opportunity

Addressing growing opportunity in the area of system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology, IBM today announced new low-power and high-performance Power Architecture-based microprocessor cores to serve as the engine behind next generation processor technology. The new cores foster unparalleled access to the flexible Power Architecture instruction set architecture that can scale from consumer to supercomputer applications.

The PowerPC 405 and PowerPC 440 embedded processor cores are being offered in 90nm technology for a range of consumer, communications and embedded computing applications.

--  Low-Power PowerPC 405 Core -- Ideally suited for low-power
    applications such as consumer and wireless communications, this core is now
    available from IBM for licensing and ASIC designs. The PowerPC 405 provides
    a target speed of up to 600 MHz (with 400 MHz worst-case target) with 1.52
--  High-Performance PowerPC 440 Core -- An excellent high-performance
    solution for a wide range of applications -- including embedded computing,
    wired communications and storage, -- this core is targeted to be available
    in December 2005 for licensing and ASIC designs, along with a compatible
    floating point core and an L2 cache controller. The PowerPC 440 provides a
    target speed of up to 1 GHz (with 667 MHz worst-case target) with 2.0
    DMIPS/MHz. The floating point core provides 2.0 MFLOPS/MHz for both single-
    and double-precision operations.
Power Evaluation Kit Made Available to Development Community

Announced today and made available for a free download at, the Power Evaluation Kit is an integrated SoC evaluation kit designed to enable software development and performance analysis for consumer applications based on Power Architecture technology.

IBM has made the system-level design tools available to enable SoC designers to make informed decisions early in the design process, potentially speeding the delivery of products to market. The kit can help designers quickly evaluate the cross-domain effects of design trade-offs on performance, power, timing, and die size, reducing the time associated with traditional design techniques.

The first version of this kit is an SoC analysis framework which includes the IBM ChipBench™ System Level Design (SLD) performance analysis solution along with a set of SystemC® transaction-level architecture models.

Power Architecture microprocessors are the heartbeat of products ranging from video gaming systems and telematics to supercomputers. For more information, visit

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