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April 19, 2005 12:06 ET

Presentations on cybersex addiction and covert incest

hosted by Asklepion Toronto INC. Attention: Assignment Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO ON.--(CCNMatthews - April 19, 2005) - Do naked pictures on internet porn sites turn you on more than your spouse? Does someone you know engage in dirty talk with strangers found in computer chat rooms? Are you longing to throw away your keyboard and connect in meaningful and intimate ways with a real-live person?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you or someone you know could have an unhealthy addiction to cybersex.

Renowned U.S. psychologist and author Dr. Kenneth Adams returns to Toronto later this month to talk about cybersex addiction in a two-day session being held at the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP).

Adams's all-day seminar on Friday, April 29 will focus on how on to heal cybersex addictions. He will explore the development of sexual health versus sexual perversion and look at the sexual mind and its vulnerability to erotic stimuli via the Internet.

The second workshop on Saturday, April 30 looks at how to reclaim sexual satisfaction as an adult after being the victim of covert emotional incest as a child. Many persons are subject to this kind of incest. Covert incest lacks sexual contact, but presents when parents make their children emotional surrogate partners.

Adams has been treating addictions, trauma and intimacy problems for 25 years. He is the clinical director for the sexual health and addiction program at Royal Oak, Michigan. He is also the author of Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners and Understanding Covert Incest. He co-edited Clinical Management of Sex Addiction with Dr. Patrick Carnes, a psychotherapist.

Asklepion Toronto is a private practice founded in 1997 that focuses on recovery programs for sexual trauma, sexual addictions, cybersex addiction and co-dependency.

Adams's sessions are designed for professionals and for members of the public who want to learn more about cybersex addiction and its treatment.

Cost for each day is $108 + GST. A price reduction is offered on the two days at $174 + GST.

The seminar and workshop will be held at Centre for Training in Psychotherapy at 316 Dupont Street.

For more information or to register check out or call 416-928-0593.

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