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December 05, 2007 16:37 ET

President of Aurus Addresses Shareholders

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 5, 2007) - Aurus Corp (PINKSHEETS: AURC) through its Board of Directors addresses its shareholders.

Aurus was originally formed through the acquisition of Zabaikalgeoprom followed by that of Krong. The reserves of Krong permitted Aurus to immediately produce gold as was announced in previous releases.

Aurus expresses its pride in having surpassed all expectations of gold deliveries from the Krong reserves over the current year from its reserves in Siberia. The acquisition of a unique tailings processor shall immediately quadruple the quantities of ore that will be treated. An order for this equipment was placed, and delivery is expected in early 2008. This processor has been developed by Russia's specialized mining equipment manufacturer. This processor will be operated on the tailings within the reserves of Krong located 90 miles from Moscow.

The equipment should be funded by the issue of a Bond which will be backed by the reserves on the Krong site. The issue of the Bond, subject to regulatory approval, shall bring in $10 million and has a maturity date in 15 years. This should give Aurus plenty of time to pay the capital and interest since many tons of gold and other metals will have been extracted. Furthermore, the Bond has no adverse effect on the liquidity or cash flow of the company.

In order to support the constant claim that its assets far exceed the market value, the Board of Aurus commissioned two reports. First, it gave a mandate to the Central Research Prospecting Institute for Precious Metals to perform a geological audit of the Krong reserves under international standards 43-101. Secondly, it gave a mandate to OOO" BK Arkadia to make an evaluation of Aurus, as an operating company. This is an independent certified evaluation firm.

The geological 43-101 report states that the assets of Krong are $3.9 billion US. The findings of OOO" BK Arkadia demonstrate a business value to Krong of $2.8 billion US. Summaries of both reports will be available on Aurus' website at very shortly. Our intention is to have both reports translated into English as soon as possible, and make them available to all shareholders. The importance of these reports cannot be stressed enough because of the high calibre of the firms that made them.

The Institute is of high importance in the federation of Russia and it cooperates with foreign geological firms in Australia, Algeria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Hungary, Vietnam, Guinea, Germany, Honduras, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Spain, Canada, Cyprus, the People's Republic of China, Colombia, Congo, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Poland, Syria, Slovakia, Sudan, the USA, Tanzania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Chile, Ethiopia, etc. It does the geological researches for the world's largest nickel mine, Norilsk nickel, for ÀÊ ÀlrosaPole Gold , JSC Polymetal,YanGeolo, "High - Indigirskaya expedition, Stannolit, Tri-Valley Corp., BHP (USA), ADARO (Spain), INPPA (Chile), as well as numerous other state geological services of foreign countries.

The assets of Aurus from its Zabaikalgeoprom reserves are not included in the reports.

We further trust that the public will revise their evaluation of Aurus. In the past, many rumours have circulated on the internet blogs that Aurus Corp is a scam. The moderator of Investors Hub sent his Russian-speaking wife to Russia to visit with Aurus, as well as its accountant. A video of the meeting was made and produced on the web. Unfortunately, rumours emanating from a small group of bloggers persist on the premise that the project is fictitious. Aurus invites its shareholders to visit its operations.

Aurus has dispelled these rumours by having the internationally accepted 43-101 report made as well as the evaluation. The 43-101 report is done under very stringent conditions and such a procedure cannot be accomplished under less than fully verifiable facts. Of course, the reports will be most beneficial for financing purposes. The geologist's report also will guide Aurus towards processing more concentrated tailings.

The funding required for all these activities shall be raised by the proceeds of the Bond that should be issued. We expect an influx of $10 million US in the immediate future. The initial disbursement of close to $1 million US shall be used to purchase the equipment mentioned previously. An additional $7 million US shall be used to further increase productivity at the Krong site. The reserves in Siberia shall receive $1-2 million US to permit it to recommence operations in its gold reserves.

In the matter of the shareholders' meeting scheduled for December 7, 2007, the Board has made the decision to postpone the meeting. On one hand, there are most recently new elements being introduced that will affect the future of Aurus. The geological reports that were recently finalized have attracted a number of Canadian gold producing companies. The Board expects to receive definite propositions in January, 2008. The shareholders will once again be required to cast their vote.

The Board understands that a small number of shareholders have purchased airline tickets in order to attend the meeting on December 7, 2007. Aurus shall reimburse any shareholders the cost of their tickets if no refund or credit is granted by the carrier.

In conclusion, the Board members understand that Aurus shall now become an international gold producer with initial proven reserves that exceed the expectations of the mining community. The geological reports are proof that the company has assets that greatly exceed the norm in the industry and the concentration of gold is high.

Consequently, the procedure has commenced to transform the company to reflect this new standard. In addition, an office shall be established in North America and members of the mining community of North America shall be added to the Board to assist in the procedure to transform Aurus to better serve its shareholders.

The Board shall now take measures to raise the company to superior standards and the proceedings to become fully reporting shall commence in January 2008.

The company's website will be revised to provide shareholders with accurate and timely information. Furthermore, the shareholders can be assured that they will be notified and be issued the required proxies for the upcoming shareholders meeting.

Fedor Dovgan, president

About Aurus Corporation

Aurus Corporation is a publicly traded mining holding company with several precious metal properties with over 5 million ounces in gold reserves, trading under the ticker symbol AURC on the US Pinksheets market. Aurus seeks to continue to acquire proven gold and other precious metal reserves in Russia and other emerging countries and operate its mines through joint ventures and/or partnerships.

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