Greenpeace Canada

Greenpeace Canada

May 24, 2006 12:03 ET

Prime Minster Harper "Honor Canada's agreement"

Canadian government intentionally misleading Canadians and the international community on the Kyoto Protocol while doing Bush's bidding Attention: Environment Editor, Energy Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor BONN/GERMANY--(CCNMatthews - May 24, 2006) - Since taking office, the Harper government has systematically mimicked strategies previously set in place by the Bush White House - including the abandonment of the UN's Kyoto Protocol, budget cuts to effective climate
change programming, the elimination of financial support to climate scientists and the most recent effort of yesterday to substitute incentives for ethanol production for a truly effective plan to address climate change.

The Climate Action Network International (CAN International) today condemned the new Conservative Canadian government for intentionally misleading Canadians and the international community about their true intentions in regards to the Kyoto Protocol. CAN International represents 365 environmental organizations from over 90 countries.

"When I look to Canada, I see George Bush's big oil, anti-environment politics in virtually everything Mr. Harper is doing," said Gary Cook from the US Climate Action Network. "It's like sitting through a B-grade movie for a second time - a disaster movie that sadly means real disaster for our health and our environment."

"The Canadian government must come clean and immediately make public all hidden documents and discussions that will shed light on its genuine policy toward climate change", said Stephen Singer from WWF Europe.

"By lying about its true intentions, the Harper government has ripped a page from George Bush's playbook, imperiled critically important UN efforts to combat climate change and disgraced Canada's international reputation as a fair and honest broker," said Steven Guilbeault from Greenpeace Canada. "We salute Quebec Premier Jean Charest for his commitment to achieve Kyoto targets with or without the Harper government. We call on other provinces and territories to do the same."

Minister Ambrose continues to try to dupe the Canadian public into believing the Harper government will act on climate change with statements such as these:

"A number of countries including Canada were supposed to provide an assessment of progress. 19 countries have not been able to put forward a recording including Canada."

Fact: Canada has failed to put in place the necessary measures to combat climate change that others have implemented, such as regulation, domestic emissions trading, carbon taxes and incentives, and is the only country to claim that the targets are impossible.

"Our strategy is to help the international community to reach a consensus on climate change. We want to see everyone at the table."

Fact: 189 countries including the US and Australia are party to the UN Framework on Climate Change and are at the table. 163 countries including China, India, Brazil and other developing countries are party to Kyoto and Canada is the Chair of both processes. If the Harper government truly wants global action on climate change, why is it sabotaging the UN process in favor of the Asia Pacific agreement consisting of 6 countries with only voluntary targets?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says: "Canada has targets that are now 35% higher than we can achieve"

Fact: The Harper Government has cut the very programs that were put in place
to reduce the emissions and has released no plan to replace them.

Rona Ambrose says: "Our government will deliver real tangible results with real benefits to Canadians"

Fact: In the recent federal budget, Canada took $1 billion from a fund intended to deliver 100 million tonnes of reductions and put it into a transit pass tax cut that will instead deliver only 30,000 tonnes of reductions at best at $2000/tonne.

Fact: While Minister Ambrose's 5 percent ethanol strategy is far from achieving full provincial co-operation, even fully implemented it would only achieve less then one percent of our committed greenhouse gas reductions.

"A few industrialized countries are having challenges meeting their targets but I don't see any of them giving-up" concluded Yuri Onodera from Friends of the Earth Japan.

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