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October 27, 2009 08:30 ET

Privaris Awarded Four Significant Security and Biometric Industry Patents

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Privaris, the leader in personal, wireless identity verification solutions, today announced the issuance of four significant industry patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, bringing its total patent portfolio to twelve. The patents include:

US Patent # 7,481,364 -- "Biometric Identification Device with Smartcard Capabilities"

This patent relates to a smart card reader that is part of a separate portable device used for biometrically authenticating its user, prior to approving transactions involving a smartcard. The patent also discloses the biometric enrollment in a smartcard before its use with the smartcard reader. An example is Privaris' bioBase® -- a wearable smartcard reader that extends the capabilities of traditional smart cards by adding biometric authentication for both physical and logical access, with long range communication capability.

US Patent # 7,525,537 -- "Man-Machine Interface for Controlling Access to Electronic Devices"

This is the second in a family of patents that addresses the use of biometrics with touch screens (e.g., high resolution LCD touch screens) that are capable of capturing touch screen input (e.g., fingerprint images) suitable for identity verification. It relates to the biometric authentication of its user, for example, on-screen or connected wirelessly to another device that subsequently transmits authorization to a separate application. An example of the latter is the Privaris plusID® personal biometric token, which wirelessly transmits authorization for both physical and logical access.

US Patent # 7,587,611 -- "In-Circuit Security System and Methods for Controlling Access to and Use of Sensitive Data"

This patent relates to a secure integrated circuit (IC) for use in identity verification, as well as the apparatus surrounding it. Examples include the Privaris plusID and bioBase personal biometric devices, as well as the secure IC contained in each. More specifically, this patent relates to a secure IC that is tamper resistant, can support multiple cryptographic services (including generating private keys), can operate wirelessly via RFID and longer range RF, and contains an identity verification subsystem that verifies the identity of its user prior to the IC functionality being unlocked. The secure IC can be used for identity verification, biometric or otherwise.

US Patent # 7,590,861 -- "Methods for Secure Enrollment and Backup of Personal Identity Credentials Into Electronic Devices"

This patent relates to a process for manufacturing a secure biometric device. The process provides users of the biometric device the capability to identify legitimate devices and thus prevent fraudulent devices from being accepted. The secure manufacturing process disclosed in this patent is embodied in Privaris' device management software, which confirms the integrity of a device prior to allowing a user's biometric information to be enrolled.

"The award of these broad-reaching industry patents is another significant step in the evolution of the company," said Mike Kohonoski, CEO of Privaris. "They strengthen our already substantial intellectual property (IP) portfolio by extending the means of identity verification to a wide range of devices and emerging technologies."

"These four key patents further solidify Privaris' position of strength in the industry as not just a technology leader but a true visionary," said Barry Johnson, Privaris co-founder and CTO. "Our innovations are already making significant contributions to the security industry -- beyond our own product line -- with the impact expected to widen. Our pending patent applications and our plans for patent portfolio development are likely to increase the size of our portfolio by as many as 100 patents."

The company's IP portfolio now boasts twelve US Patents (three design patents and nine utility patents) and three foreign patents, with a total of 35 additional patent applications pending worldwide.

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Privaris, Inc. focuses its technology expertise on the intersection of high security biometric applications and an individual's right to personal privacy. Privaris products authenticate the identity of an individual prior to that individual being granted access to facilities, computers, services and transactions. Privaris Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation with its headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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