SOURCE: NeuroInvestment

June 27, 2005 09:00 ET

Private CNS Company Review Announced by NI Research

CARDIFF, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 27, 2005 -- NI Research today announced the release of the 2005 Edition of the annual Private CNS Company Review. PCNS 2005 covers privately held companies worldwide that are primarily devoted to the development of novel therapeutics for neurological and psychiatric disorders, now numbering more than eighty. Previous editions have been heavily utilized by Big Pharma Business Development and financial professionals evaluating the universe of strategic opportunities for inlicensing, outlicensing, M&A, collaboration, and financing. The 2005 Edition is fully updated and revised, and for the first time is available in a pdf, electronic format. This permits easy searchability and sharing within workgroups in the same location.

For each company reviewed, Private CNS Company Review 2005 provides information and expert opinion regarding clinical/preclinical activity, scientific platforms, contact information, alliances, financing, and prospects. Among the companies reviewed are:

Acorda Therapeutics, Acumen, Addex, Affectis, AGY Therapeutics, Alamo, Apologic, ArmaGen, Avera, Axaron, Axon-Neuroscience, Bayhill Therapeutics, BioAxone, Biocortech, Carlsson Research, Cellzome, Ceregene, Cita Neuro, Cognetix, Cognitive Pharmaceuticals, Cognosci, Curidium, DarPharma, D-Pharm, Drug Abuse Sciences, En Vivo Pharmaceuticals, Ester Neurosciences, Faust Pharmaceuticals, Galanea, Helicon Therapeutics, Hypnion, Innapharma, Inotek, Ionix, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, JDS Pharmaceuticals, Juvantia, Kadmus, Kinexis, MetaPhore, MindSet Pharmaceuticals, Neuraxo, NeuroBiotec, Neuro3D, Neurocure, NeurogesX, NeuroHealing, Neurome, NeuroLogix, Neurome, Neuromolecular Pharmaceeuticals, NeuroMed, NeuroNova, NeuroSurvival, Newron, NsGene, Nura, Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Painceptor, Predix Pharmaceuticals, Prestwick Pharmaceuticals, ProNeuron, Psychiatric Genomics, ReNeuron. Rinat Neuroscience, Saegis, Sirenade, Solentix, Somaxon, Synt:em, Targacept, Tetragenex, Thuris, Torrey Pines Therapeutics, Trophos, Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Vela Pharmaceuticals, Voyager Pharmaceuticals, Xytis, Zapaq.

108 pages , 82 companies, 23 tables. US$2,500.00

For small companies with a narrow range of corporate interests and activities, and/or for whom financial constraints are critical, customized selections are available:

PCNS reviews of five companies (customer selections, no tables included): US$500

PCNS reviews of ten companies (customer selections, no tables included): US$900

NI Research is the leading publisher of independent research regarding the CNS therapeutics area. NI has published the monthly NeuroInvestment since 1995, the annual PCNS Review beginning in 2003, and provides inlicensing consultation and custom research for large and small pharmaceutical firms.

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