ProSep Inc.

ProSep Inc.

September 25, 2008 23:59 ET

ProSep receives Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award

MONTREAL, Sept. 25 - ProSep Inc. (TSX: PRP), dedicated to providing
process solutions to the oil and gas industry, announced today that it has
received a Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award in recognition of its suite of
technology solutions that deliver improved efficiencies and reduced costs to
upstream production activities while addressing environmental concerns.

"We are especially proud that ProSep has been singled out for delivering
practical business applications that also deliver benefits to the
environment," said Jacques L. Drouin. "This industry validation, coupled with
the ongoing feedback from customers, such as Saudi Aramco, Petro-Canada and
Statoil, provides further evidence of the potential of our technologies in
meeting industry requirements, particularly as production wells mature and the
volume of produced water increases."

Through its operations in Houston, Norway, Bahrain and Malaysia, ProSep
provides technologies that separate oil, gas and water during onshore and
offshore production activities. While creating pure oil, gas and water,
ProSep's process solutions also enable oil and gas companies to discharge
produced water effectively, reduce consumption of fresh water and maximize the
absorption of oil and gas particles from re-entering the environment.

"Companies such as ProSep are creating technologies that have both a
significant environmental impact and demonstrate a compelling return on
investment. In doing so, they are helping position Canada as a global leader
in the development of commercially-viable green technology," said John
Ruffolo, National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry
Group, Deloitte.

About the Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award

The Technology Green 15 recognizes Canada's leading GreenTech companies.
GreenTech, the industry term for "green technologies", is taking on greater
importance in the world in general, and the world of business in particular.
It includes any technology that promotes a more efficient use and re-use of
the earth's resources in industrial production and consumption. GreenTech
products and services are designed to reduce or eliminate environmental
impacts and improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while
reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Although many
companies within GreenTech industry sectors are very different, they share a
common trait: all use new, innovative technology to create products and
services that compete with existing products and services on price and
performance while reducing impact on the environment.

About ProSep Inc.

ProSep Inc., formerly known as TORR Canada Inc., is dedicated to
providing process solutions to the oil and gas industry. ProSep designs,
develops, manufactures and commercializes technologies to separate oil, water
and gas generated by oil and gas production. For more information, please

Caution concerning forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. Such statements
inherently involve numerous risks and uncertainties. Actual future results may
differ from the anticipated results expressed in the forward-looking
statements contained in this press release and ProSep does not undertake to
update this information. Investors are cautioned against placing undue
importance on forward-looking information contained herein and should consult
the final short form prospectus and the documents incorporated by reference
therein, which contain a more exhaustive analysis of risks and uncertainties
connected to ProSep's business

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